Post Sakai Conference OSP Meeting - Sakai Newport Beach 12-7-07

Conveners: Melissa Peet and Janice Smith
Scribe: Janice Smith

The meeting began with a two-hour session on gathering newcomer needs and determining how to divide up the rest of the day into small working groups. The documentation conversation took place in the whole group.

Before lunch there was one breakout of two groups: Enhancements to Goal Management and the OSP Functional Team meeting on proposed procedure for documenting and approving new OSP enhancements.

After lunch there were two more sets of break-outs with two groups each. The first breakout covered ways to facilitate entry into the OSP community and a discussion of the review of the OSP Matrix user interface. The second breakout covered an improved user interface for OSP tools and enhancements for better feedback and evaluation processes.

Notes from each discussion are as follows.

OSP Newcomer Needs

Summaries of Small Group Work

Proposed OSP Refinements Gathering and Approval Process

The OSP Functional Team met to refine the following two documents to be voted on for approval during the OSP community call at 11 AM EST on Monday, December 17 (812-856-7060, 348#, 72524#).

Proposed Procedure for Documenting and Approving OSP Requirements

Proposed OSP Enhancements Template

OSP Documentation

Proposed Enhancements to Goal Management

Improving Information for Newcomer Entry into OSP

Improved User Interface for the Matrix

Feedback and Evaluation

Ideas for an Improved OSP User Interface

During the UI breakout session, we couldn't decide on a "general UI" topic, but we were able to identify that the freeform portfolio tools have been really neglected for the past couple years. The UI exposed to users is somewhat functional but awkward. We thought that the freeform portfolio would be a great place to implement DHTML interfaces in concert with the Fluid group. We discussed a couple of other rich authoring environments.

Consistent with previous discussions, there is a need to present a simple, unified interface to the user that brings together the CSS style tool, the XHTML page Layout tool, the ability to author html/rich text and incorporate assets (such as structured data and images) in a simple, intuitive UI. We discussed that there may be possibilities to work with Fluid to accomplish this with UI features such as the ability to drag and drop assets onto pages and dynamic creation of Page Layouts. A freeform portfolio layout editor might be thought of as a precursor to a template builder.

The discussion expanded beyond UI issues and into new functionality that we believed would be expected of the freeform portfolio tools. Providing a portfolio owner with the ability to invite others to collaboratively authoring a portfolio is functionality that would be useful.

Darren Cambridge noted that many of the items we talked about were in the 2.1 requirements document and that we should go back and read it again before going forward.