Meeting minutes for February 16, 2009

Sakai/OSP 2.6 and beyond Development Status

IU planning to upgrade to 2.6. Michigan will be upgrading Summer or Fall.

Jan will be at the Japanese Sakai convention because they are interested in learning more about OSP. Probably focused on assessment. IU may have relevant approaches for reporting. Lynn will make a guest account for Jan.

Jan and Sean have been thinking about ways to get institutions to come together and apply for grants to work on targeted improvements. For example, Goal Management. Lynn talked about wanting to do a complete reworking of portfolios to make them more flexible. Sakai 3 is the obvious time to do that. Our community has expertise and experience that no one else has. We should be part of the conversation for Sakai 3. If our vision isn't represented before June, things will be under way. Maybe part of the call should explicitly be dedicated to developing a vision, without worrying about money. Should we have a face-to-face meeting? Should we take a small project and work on it together as a proof of concept? Jan will send email to Beth suggesting that we spend a half hour next week on thinking about a project.