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OpenSyllabus (shorthand: OSYL) is a Model-based Syllabus Editor. Course Outline or syllabi are universal gateways to teaching and learning in universities. OpenSyllabus allows easy syllabus creation, edition and navigation through a fast and intuitive user interface. To ease even more these tasks OpenSyllabus will integrate other Sakai tools providing a centralized access for both instructors and students to all online course resources. More details here.

2008-09-16 Alpha Version Released
The first release of OpenSyllabus (Alpha) is now available. You can download the source code
or a preconfigured bundle for testing purposes. This is a slighlty improved version of what has been presented in July 2008 at the 9th SAKAI Conference in Paris, France.

HEC Montréal, Université de Montréal and Sakai Québec (Québec-Canada) gather their resources and bring their expertise to the OpenSyllabus project.
The project management is based on Scrum methodology, an iterative method used in agile software development.

HEC Montréal contact : for general information, you can contact Emmanuel Vigne, Project Director, or Pascale Blanc, Project Manager. For technical project information, you can contact Rémi Saïas ScrumMaster.


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