We have requested a half-day Preconference Session on Tuesday July 7th to share teaching and learning results:

Five Minutes of Fame

A teaching incident or teaching practice that worked well; a pedagogical practice that was made possible or more effective because of the use Sakai.

Five Minutes of Shame

A teaching incident or teaching practice that failed; some problem that interfered with good teaching, and provided a lesson.

Five Minutes to Frame

A description of an upcoming Teaching & Learning conference session.

Presentation PowerPoint Template

UPDATE (6/17/09): I have uploaded a new and final version of the presentation template slides.

We have created a General Template for the workshop that outlines suggestions for what to include. All presenters should use this template and plan to send it to Josh Baron at josh.baron@marist.edu by Monday, June 29th.

Volunteer Participants (order and format to be determined):



Topics (incorporating effects on teaching and learning)

Steve Foehr


Fame: Starting to close the loop of Curriculum Development, Professional Development, Student Work, and Assessment.
Shame: Don't underestimate change
Frame: K12 is coming to Sakai

Josh Baron


Fame: Using project sites to support courses; Performance Portfolios
Shame: Making faculty do their own course roster associations

Robin Hill

University of Wyoming

Fame: Manual account creation and course join, allowing flexibility in guest instructors
Shame: Dropbox tool confused with eCollege Dropbox
Frame: Databases for portfolios and other teaching

Sue Roig

Claremont Graduate University

Fame: 1. TWISA Award winners.  2. CUC population (students and faculty) each have account and access to project site creation.
Shame: 1. Project sites - "Sustainability Group" everyone maintain role instead of giving specific permissions, one member deleted entire site; "Treasures site" confidentiality issue not understand groups and permissions. 2.  Use of Sakai for international seminar, guests accounts not students, disastrous problem with access and guest accounts.
Frame:  Training in different modalities, Bootcamp in development.

Mathieu Plourde

University of Delaware

Fame: Using the Schedule Tool as a Syllabus (James Dean, English).
Shame: First week in full production...
Frame: Strategies to Support Your Users: Custom Documentation and Help Files & An Honest Look at Sakai: What Should We Tell Potential Adopters?

Kate Ellis &
Madeleine Gonin

Indiana University - Bloomington

Fame: Collaborative Multimedia Projects
Shame: Special Characters
Frame: More presentations about process

Deb Boisvert/Mary Rubega


Fame: Using matrices, forms and portfolio to support K-8 portfolio work as means to demonstrate 21st Cenutry literacy and ISTE NETS standards
Shame: Publishing matrix after student work was added.

Martin Ramsay

Appalachian College Association / CEATH Company

Fame: Winning the Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration
Shame: Losing Member Schools that don't see the value of Sakai
Frame: Submitted, but pending ...

Whitten Smart

Texas State

Fame: Using podcasts to teach an online course
Shame: upgrading system right before finals and failing.

Chuck Severance


Fame:how I use Google App Engine to build simple tools in Sakai that function like Class Room Clickers so I can add interactivity to my lecture.

Cherry Stewart

University of New England (Australia)

Fame: Wiki work
Shame: Testing Errors with 600 students
Frame: Fifth Generation Distance Education: Who's Responible

We are interested in diverse stories as along as they are described in terms of their effects on teaching and learning.