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Agenda Items

1. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award 2008 

a. Finalize Application Form and Judging Rubric (Josh & Maggie)

(Weighting of  rubric criteria?)
*Are there additional sponsors? Do we know total amount of money?

b. Proposed timeline for TSIA (Kate)

Application deadline: Friday, April 11 - Move it to the Monday (4-14).
    Week of 14-18: Review of application by committee
Semi-finalist (10-15) selected by committee, deadline: Friday, April 18 Move it to the Monday
    Week of 21-25: Review of semi-finalists by judges
Selection of 5 finalists by judges, deadline: Friday, April 25 Move it to the Monday
    Weeks of 4/28 - 5/9: interviews with 5 finalists by judges
    Week of May 12-15: discussion and finalize winner
Winner announced: Friday, May 16 Move it to the Monday

One question is--are folks on the committee and the judges able to commit to large chunks of time in this timeframe? 

c. Application Online Form

d. Glossary

e Press Release

2. Repository