This page is aimed at those who are investigating migrating to Sakai. You will find information and tools to help you move your content into Sakai as well as case-studies from institutions that have performed migrations to Sakai and shared their experiences.

Vendor-specific migration

Various tools and utilities have been developed to migrate courses and content from other LMS/VRE/format's to Sakai. Choose your vendor below:

Real-world experiences

Who's done migrations? What worked? What didn't?

Migrating from WebCT

Institutions planning/completed migrations

View the list of institutions that are planning or have completed migrations to Sakai. Feel free to add your institution to the list.

Miscellaneous information

The following is a collection of information which may assist you in your migration and content import needs:
The Sakai Import API
Sharing and Reusing Content (SCORM, IMS and other formats)