Welcome to the CLE QA Work Group space. This space is dedicated to coordinating functional testing for the Sakai CLE

Pre-requisites for participating

Required - a Jira account is required. Sign up at https://jira.sakaiproject.org

Required - Join Sakai QA email group (sakai-qa@collab.sakaiproject.org) or Sakai Dev group (sakai-dev@collab.sakaiproject.org) to keep up to date with the latest announcements and ways to help with the testing effort.

Optional - Jira QA group - special permissions - You do not need special permissions to test fixes and to comment on Jira issues. There is a "Tested" button that indicates successful testing of a Jira issue. This button is only available if you are a member of the Jira QA group. This permission is granted to experienced testers. Contact neal.caidin@apereo.org for more information.

Hints - Our primary tools are Jira, Google docs spreadsheets, and QA servers. Learning how to use Jira and what the fields represent is well worth the time.





This is a list of JIRA issues that need verification in TRUNK so they can be merged into 2.9

Issues needing verification

Trunk Test Servers


Sakai JIRA - For tracking & reporting bugs/work

Sakai's JIRA

Test Script Bank:  

Test Scripts

2.9 Test Servers

accessibility qa:   http://sakaicle1-trunk.uits.indiana.edu:8181/portal

JIRA Work Flow - Describes how to handle JIRA tickets

JIRA Workflow

Sakai QA List Info/Subscription