Meeting Attendees: Mark Norton, AnthonyWhyte, Megan May, Peter, Charles Hedrick, Jesse, David Horwitz, Renu, James Logan, Fritz, Steve Githens, Seth Theriault

Discussion Points


Key Fixes for Inclusion
There were either discussed a lot during the 2.5 release or weren't ready in time to make the previous release. This is a short list of issues that immediately came to mind.

Other tickets of interest from folks
These are items that folks would like to see resolved in one of the maintenance releases

OSP Issues:

Static Code Review Changes
Megan asked what the group thought about including these in maintenance releases. Charles Hedrick pointed out that he'd like them tested in a production instance so there is assurance that nothing breaks. David commented that ost of them tend to be small, but he agrees about getting prod experience first. All we really know at this poit is that they don't break the build. Can we get someone to try them? Peter will see if people can grab individual ones.

Process Points