John Norman

I'd like to add these links to the Content Authoring Prototype pages
because they seem to go to the underlying use-case for our page
authoring requirement. Unfortunately, I get a Java error if I try to
edit the page (sad)

Probably someone trying to stop me from interfering!

Adam Marshall

On 3 Sep 2008, at 15:33, Adam Marshall wrote:

Gonzalo did the new access pages, they are great and we are using
them, I was just wondering if there was anything else comparable out

See: for new look display.

Charles Hedrick

From: Charles Hedrick
Sent: 03 September 2008 14:30

Originally if you went to /access/content/group/NNN/, i.e. the
folder than a specific resource, you got an error. We added code,
which is in 2.5 and I believe also 2.4, that generates the same kind
of directory listing that Apache would. However I enhanced it
slightly to display the "description" field if there is one. It puts
the description for the folder at the top, and descriptions of files
next to them in the listing.

Someone else recently added neat icons and style. I believe that
will be in 2.6.

You can look at it by checking out /access/content/groups/NNNN/ for
any of your sites. It will be more interesting if you fill in some
of the description fields. Here's a demo that I did:
Note that the links to the discussion tool won't work unless
you're logged in.

The code will also display index.html rather than generating a
listing, if it exists.

Adam Marshall

On Sep 3, 2008, at 7:19 AM, Adam Marshall wrote:

I have a note in our local jira that either Rutgers or New York have an
'enhanced web view' of the resources folder. I'm not sure where this note
came from but I was wondering if indeed this is true, then can I
have alook (or see a screen shot)?

Mathieu Plourde

Sept. 4, 2008.

University of Delaware almost installed the Resources viewer on its production server. The biggest issue we have found is the fact that it ignores the Reorder feature in Resources, which makes it harder to use as a sequencer.