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2020 Meeting Notes and Recordings Archive

Meeting DateMain TopicSpeaker & AffiliationRecording
Apr 15JirapaloozaWilma HodgesLink to recording
Mar 4Jira Review; Stats for Students BrainstormingAllLink to recording
Feb 5Sakai Camp HighlightsSakai Camp participantsLink to recording
Jan 15JirapaloozaTrisha Gordon, UVALink to recording

2019 Meeting Notes and Recordings Archive

Meeting DateMain TopicSpeaker & AffiliationRecording
Dec 4Sakai Roadmap presentation and feedback; JirapaloozaJosh Wilson, LongsightLink to recording
Nov 20Cloud Service Integration OptionsWilma Hodges and Josh Wilson, LongsightLink to recording
Oct 16Lessons 2.0 wireframesWilma Hodges and Josh Wilson, LongsightLink to recording
Oct 2Auto-Groups PrototypeJohn Buckingham, Pepperdine; Tiffany Stull, UVA

Link to recording

Link to presentation slides

Link to prototype

Sep 18Grading UI UpdateWilma Hodges, LongsightLink to recording
Sep 4JirapaloozaMatt Burgess, UVALink to recording
Aug 21Innovate+Beyond Your Online CourseJaime Lynn Bishop, MaristLink to recording
Aug 7Treat Them Like Students: A Model for Successful Faculty TrainingClea Mahoney, NYULink to recording
Jul 17Tsugi Projects at the University of DaytonDavid Bauer, University of DaytonLink to recording
Jun 19HIghlights from Open Apereo 2019RoundtableLink to recording
May 15New Projects: Multimedia Assignment Submissions; Office 365Miguel Pellicer, EDFLink to recording
May 1JirapaloozaMatt Burgess, UVALink to recording
Apr 17Digital Credentials with Sakai, Credly, and MoreWilma Hodges and Josh Wilson, LongsightLink to recording
Apr 3Info-Tech Market Research and SakaiJosh Wilson, Longsight; Karthi Iyer, Info-TechLink to recording
Mar 20JirapaloozaTrisha Gordon, UVALink to recording
Mar 6Auto-Groups Enhancement ProposalTiffany Stull, UVA; John Buckingham, Pepperdine

Link to proposal document

Link to recording

Feb 20Centralized Grading ServiceWilma Hodges and Earle Nietzel, LongsightLink to recording
Feb 6Sakai Camp HighlightsSakai Camp Attendees (Various)Link to recording
Jan 16Lessons 2.0 Overview & FeedbackWilma Hodges, LongSight Link to recording
Jan 2JirapaloozaTrisha Gordon, UVA Link to recording

2018 Meeting Notes and Recordings Archive

Meeting DateMain TopicSpeaker & AffiliationRecording
Dec 5Lessons 2.0 & Sakai RoadmapWilma Hodges, Derek Ramsey, Josh Wilson, LongSightLink to recording
Oct 17JirapaloozaTrisha Gordon, UVALink to recording
Sep 19


Wilma Hodges, LongSightLink to recording
Sep 5Updates from the Site Builder ProjectMatt Burgess, University of VirginiaLink to recording
Aug 15ATLAS Award Winner: Online Learning, Socially and SafelyMichael Friesen, University of Western OntarioLink to recording
July 18Using Learning Analytics to Empower First-Year Students (w/Sakai & LRW)Kevin AbbottAlex AmbroseMaureen DawsonXiaojing DuanAlison LanskiPatrick Miller, Notre DameLink to recording
Jun 20The Sakai Rubric ProjectMiguel Pellicer, EDF; Wilma Hodges, Longsight; Earle Nietzel, Longsight; Josh Wilson, LongsightLink to recording
May 16Engaging students with video blogs in PanoptoCorri Nicoletti, Marist CollegeLink to recording
May 2The LAMP Consortium’s annual Pedagogy and Technology ConferenceMartin Ramsay, LAMPLink to recording
Apr 4Sakai 12 New Features ReviewNeal Caidin, Apereo Community CoordinatorLink to recording
Mar 21JirapaloozaNeal Caidin, Apereo Community CoordinatorLink to recording  
Mar 7Functional issues with Gradebook NG; Samigo UXCharles Bristow, Illinois State (Gradebook); Wilma Hodges (Samigo)Link to recording
Feb 21Going Local with Global Innovations: ATLAS at Duke and MaristLuisa Li, Julin Sharp, Marist College; Jolie Tingen, Duke UniversityLink to recording
Feb 7LTI integrations and Sakai at Walsh UniversityJennifer Loudiana, Walsh UniversityLink to recording
Jan 17Usability testing and tool development at NYUKyle Blythe & Jeff Pasch, NYULink to recording

2017 Meeting Notes and Recordings Archive

Meeting DateMain TopicSpeaker & AffiliationRecording
Dec 20Academic notifications at the University of DaytonJulianne Morgan, University of Dayton
Dec 6JirapaloozaNeal Caidin, Apereo Foundation; all
Nov 1Mobile apps and SakaiSamantha Lee Pan, Alastair Hendricks, University of Cape Town

Link to presenter slides

Link to recording

Oct 18Creating an interface guide for SakaiShawn Foster, Western University; Jolie Tingen, Duke UniversityLink to recording
Oct 4JirapaloozaNeal Caidin, Apereo Foundation; all
Sep 20ATLAS: Writing 270: Composing the Internship Experience: Social Media and Digital DiscourseDenise Comer, Duke UniversityLink to recording
Sep 6Using the Lessons tool for syllabus delivery; group management in SakaiLuisa Li, Marist College; Josh Wilson, LongsightLink to recording
August 16Sakai Syllabus tool discussion (and some discussion on Sakai group management)Teaching and Learning groupLink to recording
August 2Anonymizing Grades in SakaiAndrea Novicki, Duke UniversityLink to recording
July 19ATLAS: Bringing Communication Theory to Life through iLearn Interactive ExperiencesJennifer Robinette, Marist CollegeLink to recording
June 21Open Apereo HighlightsmultipleLink to recording
May 17TenJin Course Outliner (intro video)Nadine Blanchette, HEC MontrealLink to recording
May 3Lessons Additions at Oxford (for Sakai 12)Adam Marshall, Oxford UniversityLink to recording
Apr 19T&L JIRA issues reviewNeal Caidin, Apereo FoundationLink to recording
Apr 5OpenBadgesWilma Hodges, LongsightLink to recording
Mar 15Sakai Lessons Round-robin DemosDave Eveland, Johnson University; Luisa Li, Marist Collage; Fawei Geng, Oxford UniversityLink to recording
Mar 1Accessible Course DesignDave Eveland and Terry Golightly, Johnson UniversityLink to recording
Feb 15ATLAS award winner: Teaching Introductory Statistics Using a Blended Mode of InstructionStefan Britz, University of Cape TownLink to recording
Feb 1Deep Linking and Branched LearningTerry Golightly, Johnson UniversityLink to recording
Jan 18Better Together: Sakai and SIPXSally Bryant and Grace Ye, Pepperdine UniversityLink to recording
Jan 4Easy Tips for Increasing Student EngagementLaura Fogle and Stephanie Bryant, Duke UniversityLink to recording

2016 Meeting Notes and Recordings Archive

Meeting DateMain TopicSpeaker & AffiliationRecording
Dec 7Integrating official student photos into Sakai

Adam Hauerwas, Providence College

Link to recording

Nov 16SHOAL project (reusable learning nuggets in Sakai)Adam Marshall & Lucy Tallents - Oxford UniversityLink to recording
Oct 19Live Polling and SakaiShonna Ryan, Providence CollegeLink to recording
Oct 5ATLAS award winner: PSY 322 - Social PsychologyPatrick Smith, Texas State UniversityLink to recording
Sep 14OpenCollabElsabe Botha, OpenCollabLink to recording
Aug 3Course Development RoundtableDave Eveland, Johnson University; Linda Beith, Roger Williams UniversityLink to recording
July 20LTI RoundtableJanice Smith, Three Canoes; Jaques Raynauld, HEC Montreal; Pat Miller, University of Notre Dame; Jennifer Loudiana, Walsh University; Charles Severance, University of MichiganLink to recording
Jul 6The LAMP Consortium and institutional collaborationMartin Ramsay, CEATHLink to recording
Jun 15ATLAS Winner: Teach So You'll Learn...with XerteMarcella Oliviero & Andrea Zhok, University of BristolLink to recording
Jun 1Open Apereo 2016 recap and roundtable discussionFacilitators and call participantsLink to recording
May 18Pre-Apereo conference sneak peak at T&L-related sessionsRoundtable/presentersLink to recording
May 4Sakai 11 DocumentationWilma Hodges, LongsightLink to recording
Apr 20More discussion of the Lessons tool in Sakai 11Luisa Li, Marist College; othersLink to recording
Apr 6The Contact Us tool; the Lessons tool in Sakai 11Adam Marshall, Oxford University; Luisa Li, Marist CollegeLink to recording
Mar 16Panopto lecture capture integration and demoLela Marshall, University of VirginiaLink to recording
Mar 2Marketing SakaiSalwa Khan and Grace Capwell, Texas State UniversityLink to recording
Feb 17Sakai QA OverviewNeal Caidin, Apereo FoundationLink to recording
Feb 3SakaiCamp 2016 HighlightsRoundtable updatesLink to recording
Jan 13Morpheus UI Review/Discussion Adam Marshall, Oxford UniversityLink to recording
Jan 6SakaiCamp 2016

Neal Caidin, Apereo Foundation

Link to recording

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Sakai Jira Training 10-9-13
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