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Sakai is an open source digital learning environment. For more information about the project visit the website at


User IconUsing Sakai


  • Mailing Lists

    Discussions take place in several mailing lists. See our Mailing Lists page for a description of each group and subscription information.
  • Slack Chat

    We currently have Slack channels for Sakai Developers, QA, UX, Documentation, and more. Visit our Slack Chat information page to sign up.

Community Meetings

  • Sakai Project Calendar

    Sakai has a number of active community groups which host regular open meetings online. See our Sakai Project Calendar to view upcoming meetings. 
  • Apereo Project Calendar

    Sakai community members may also be interested in upcoming Apereo community meetings.
  • Conferences and Events

    Connect with your colleagues at one of our annual events.

End User Documentation

  • Sakai Community Help

    Online help documentation for Sakai can be viewed on our community documentation site in Screensteps. 
  • Video Help Repository

    Browse our collection of contributed video tutorials created by Sakai adopters, or share some of your own.


Network IconDeploying Sakai


  • Try Sakai

    Test drive Sakai in a hosted "sandbox" environment.
  • Demo on Nightly

    Check out the latest version on our testing and development servers.

Release Management

  • Downloads

    Download the current and prior releases of Sakai.
  • Release Notes

    View the functional and technical release notes for current and prior Sakai releases.

Installation and Configuration

Installation Guide

Technical Documentation on Github

Sakai Properties




Wrench and Gear IconBuilding Sakai

Developer Information



Contribution Guidelines

Security Policy

Working Groups

Apereo ATLAS Awards

Apereo FARM

Apereo Teaching and Learning

Sakai Accessibility

Sakai Core Team

Sakai Documentation

Sakai Internationalization (i18n)

Sakai JIRA Triage

Sakai Marketing

Sakai Project Management Committee (PMC)

Sakai Spanish Users (S2U)

Sakai Quality Assurance (QA)

Sakai User Experience (UX)


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