This page is focused on upgrading from Sakai 11 to Sakai 12. It provides a link (below) to the Sakai 11 upgrade information that you will need if you are upgrading first to Sakai 11. Do that first and then come back here for the final steps to migrate to Sakai 12.

Select here to upgrade to Sakai 11, a prerequisite for upgrading to Sakai 12. If you are already on Sakai 11, you can ignore this link.

1.0 Database Conversion Scripts

Please run ALL the scripts from your original version to the version to which you are upgrading. There are two sets of database upgrade scripts, one for MySQL and one for Oracle. Use the appropriate scripts for your database type.

2.0 Post upgrade conversion scripts

2.1 Assignments Tool conversion (Sakai 11 to Sakai 12)

2.2 Job Scheduler Tool conversion (Sakai 11 to Sakai 12)

3.0 Browser Compatibility

4.0 Upgrading the Sakai skin