Attending: Matt Clare, Adam H., Jeff P., Kyle B., Amy N., Dave E.,  SAm O. , Matt J.
Regrets:  Neal Caidin
Follow-Up on Offer from NYU for hours from an accessibility/usability firm, TPG.
Working through accessibility issues with Samigo question types from a high-level perspective- We decided to delay this activity for 2 weeks.
Things to basis analysis upon:
    WCAG 2 article-by-article (Quick ref )
    Simple POUR-based analysis (Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, Robust)
Start of GSheet  with all Sakai Question Types

JIRAs discussed        Accessibility block for visually impaired users - Attachments picker        Open        Needs Verification        Accessibility block for visually impaired users - Syllabus        Awaiting Review