Matt Clare, Brock University
    Candace, Tufts
    Rob Egan, NYU
    Karen McPhaul, Durham Tech
    Tiffany Stull, University of Virginia

Neal Caidin, Apereo

Sakai 11:
Finish going over the accessibility review from Rutgers  (thanks again!):
-  New Sakai Issues - Broken - UnAccessible - Google Doc Version:
- New Sakai Issues - Minor Google - Doc Version:
Indentified so far:      Portal chat header colour contrast too low     Colour contrast too low on action buttons, needs ARIA
     Comparing the two structures
Sakai 11 currently has a lot of poorly hidden items in the "Sites" drawer
We've lost the main access key reminders.

Group attending decided there was merit in switching to Big Blue Button and did so for the last 15 minutes.  We intend to use this for all future calls.