Matt Clare
    Neal Caidin, Apereo / Sakai
    Karen McPhaul (Durham Tech)
    Tiffany Stull (UVa)


Brief rA11y Update:
         Final Scope submitted  (still at )
Sakai 11:
    Accessibility review from Rutgers (thanks!):
    New Sakai Issues - Broken - UnAccessible
Related to Compressed left nav issue?
New Sakai Issues - Minor
We'll turn of these reports to the Sakai QA group tomorrow.  We'll revisit at our next meeting via screen sharing like Big Blue Button.
Screenreader and keybaord nav experience compared between Sakai 10 an Sakai 11
Here's a 1 minute comparison of the keyboard navigation and as read by OSX Voiceover:
Sakai 11 currently has a lot of poorly hidden items in the "Sites" menu
We've lost the main access key reminders