Matt Clare 
    Tiffany Stull (UVa)
    Karen McPhaul (Durham Tech)
    Dave Eveland (JU)
    Rob Egan (NYU)
Final list of items to be reviewed by SSB Bart for rA11y.
Working list [Google Sheet]
Members of sakai-dev and sakai-user have come in - it's mixed.
We have 40 modules and 20 tasks that can be evaluated.

Decisions factors include:

  1. known/unknown status
  2. likelihood of pass/fail
  3. complexity from a cost perspective
  4. value of an advanced/professional opinion
  5. something better reviewed by internal groups
  6. impact of area of review (ie. student facing most urgent - balanced against Instructor facing most complex and historically least reviewed)
  7. relation to current QA/Morpheus process (they're work is in a Google sheet here )
  8. others


For reference:
Sakai tool use survey  

One issue: Possible better bang for the buck if we forego Samigo? - then again it's such a critical area
Great progress was made!  A good balance was allocated across tasks and pages.
Proposal for new scoring option in Tests and Quizzes:
Tiffany Stull reached out about an idea a University of Virginia instructor had an inquiry/suggestion:
    The instructor wanted to put multiple test questions in a part, and allow students to choose to answer one of the questions, getting full credit for whichever one they answered.  We were thinking it would be good if you could assign points to a part in samigo rather than an individual question.
This could be useful for students with different cognitive needs, or those using a screen reader, allowing them to choose one option that reflects their abilities.
Matt to write-up a JIRA. 
JIRA to use Gradebook's "drop lowest" categories as a model for a Part with scoring for a whole Part, but N questions can be set to count in the student being awarded a matching amount of the Part's marks.