Matt Clare
Tiffany Stull
Neal Caidin
Candace Girard


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rA11y Plan Update

Groups in the running:
Deque Systems, Inc.: Is preparing a scope of work (They're at EDUCAUSE and want to say hi to someone)
SSB bart Group: ongoing talks, previously shared demo of Sakai
WebAIM: Familiar with Sakai, using previous scope
Update on CK Editor accessibility checker
Brock University asked Longsight to do the work it is currently in production at Brock University.
Working on installation instructions
Matt will be talking about this application of CKSource's innovative tool at the Sakai Virtual Conference  (Wednesday 4th November, 2015, 1:00pm to 1:30pm Eastern)
- Matt to record demo, now posted at 

Collective QA:

Run through using screen sharing and BigBlueButton some accessibility testing/verification:
    Used OSX Keyboard Viewer (Syetem Prefrences > Keyboard) -- could have used    Keyboard Shortcut for Windows Accessibility items = Windows Key + U 
    The WAVE ( toolbar/plugin was useful for spotting issues.
    Suggested items: Keyboard navigation is broken (still borken) Site Info table needs to be less verbose (fixed!)