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Document Organization

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General Process Guidelines

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Text Guidelines

Tip: For events with no physical location, you could enter Online, or Via Meetings Tool, if you do not want to leave the event location blank.

Note: The default location and availability of items in My Workspace may be customized by your institution.

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Image Guidelines

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List of terms

Note: We may add to this list as we go. Please use the following terms when referring to items/features in help.

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Contrib Tools

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Workflow Guidelines

For authors with Apereo Screensteps access, please follow the workflow below.

  1. Choose an article that is either (A) already assigned to you as the owner, or (B) unassigned with "Nobody" listed as the owner.

  2. Change the owner of the article to your name (if not already listed).

  3. Review these Sakai Doc Project guidelines, current text of relevant Help files, and articles in progress, if necessary, for context.

  4. Work through the Sakai functionality for the current version on the test servers.

  5. For the procedural aspects of the article, verify that the steps are still correct for this version of Sakai. If the steps are incorrect or missing, update the article content to reflect the changes.

  6. In most cases, each step will have one image illustrating the step action.

  7. For descriptions of multiple features in one screen image, provide numbered annotations of the user interface, with corresponding notes within that step.

  8. Test your instructions by walking through the steps on the test servers.

  9. Add metadata to the article.

  10. Check article in as "Draft, Needs Content" or "Draft, Needs Update" if you want to continue working on it; check article in as "Published, Needs Review", if you are done with the current revision. (Be sure to check in articles if you are not actively working on them, as no one else can make changes to an article while it is checked out.)

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Please contact Wilma Hodges ( or if you have any questions about authoring Sakai help using Screensteps or the style and process guidelines above.

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