The Lessons tool allows users to create a sequence of course content and materials using top-level pages linked to sub-pages. Top-level pages appear as buttons (links) on the left hand menu in Sakai. Pages can contain text, images, video, links and can link directly to other Sakai tools including Assessments, Assignments, Resources and Forums. Different people have designed courses using Lessons in different ways.

The purpose of this page is to share different ideas or organizing course materials for faculty, instructional designers and others to browse and perhaps to adopt. Feel free to add your organizational scheme, or to embellish an existing idea.


  1. Course content can be organized at the top level by weeks, units, topics.
  2. The first Lessons item is the course syllabus with details of assignments, etc. Students can return to this to make sure they are keeping up and meeting deadlines, which could be especially useful for online courses.
  3. A checklist is provided at the bottom of the page that students need to complete to indicate that they have done the required work..
  4. Students are required to add a Comment at the bottom of a page to indicate they have done the required work.
Wish list for Lessons
  1. Templates that allow for various layouts of content, including columns
  2. Methods of tracking student progress

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