An initial open discussion regarding Sakai 12 priorities was held at the Apereo 2015 Conference, 3 June 2015.  A straw man list of proposed improvements and changes surfaced during the discussion is outlined below.  Contributors are encouraged to add/edit items to the list.  However, no item below should be considered a Sakai 12 deliverable until firm development commitments are secured. This list was revised at Open Apereo 2017 with a view for release Dec. 2017.


Big Ideas

Set up an Apereo Working Group to think about the future of digital learning technology


Out of Scope

New/Enhanced Capabilities

SummaryJIRA / GitHubNotes and next steps
Tool Responsiveness  (in terms of responsive ui) 

Each Sakai tool needs to be Responsive. Is there a master JIRA for this need?

This could be used as a Master Jira? Might be worth a discussion.

Consistent date / time widget across all tools

As of 2014/11/05 some dates in gradebook, chat, Sign up and syllabus still need updating.

RSF tools should be updated to use the RSF date picker. (lower priority)

Lessonbuilder UI refinements / interactions with other tools



Audio and Video media player embedded within News and Podcasts tool possible for Sakai 11 per email discussion Neal C. and Steve S. 11/3/2014 .
Admin UI for properties managementStill on target for Sakai 11 per Sakai core team meeting 10/23/2014.
Search and replace of links to files stored in Resources in the current site when a site is duplicatedTBCGo through all tools (except SAMIGO but including Mneme) when duplicating a site - regular and short URLs are edited to point at the corresponding Resource in the new site as site duplication is taking place. Code being committed on behalf of Oxford by Adrian Fish or Miguel Carro Pellicer. (Oxford doesnt use SAMIGO.)
ban use of the word "Sakai" in UI  
Resources (and other tools) as IMS Content Item Tool Provider  
enhancement of anti samy to allow "trusted javascript" to be used allow javascript to be used to provide jstree-based content browsing widget to be added to HTML pages. Also allow a slide show widget to be added to HTML pages
new turnitin LTI (content review) integration  
Internet2 grouper integration  
Resources document preview will be able to use OAE's preview API
Randomize question/distractors in questions from Samigo quiz parts interface Markup text is a great feature of Tests & Quizzes, but instructors are very often left randomizing the questions afterwards - making that one feature the cause for many many clicks, it what was otherwise a simple process.
Tags ServiceService to create, manage and search for tags. This can be used by other tools. Samigo will allow tagging questions and search if is merged and approved)

Specifications Compliance

Proposed Deprecations/Removals 11

Proposed Deprecations/Removals 12

Uncertain status

Infrastructure Changes

Stretch goals

 Wish List