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Talked about the feature request to Require Alternative Text for CKEditor

JIRAs   Accessibility: IE 9 loses focus when navigating between screens using the keyboard
   - Not only is this is an ongoing issue, Morpheus will force us to decided what is the best behaviour in the new single page context.  The current practice (IE aside) is based on either simply the defaults of an iFrame or what was indented for focus during testing.
     -  Moodle & Canvas both place focus at the top of the page, with the skip to content link handy
     - JS solution to re-capture focus
     - Publish Assessment URL a solution? Table summaries are well intentioned, but too verbose. Need more <th scope="row"> - Matt review Tables should be avoided for layout or at least have ARIA role Presentation - Matt review  Accessibility: Missing Table summary for the data table on the forums statistics page  - Matt to update his knowlege of this
There are some additional Samigo JIRAs, but they may not be worth reviewing based on STEP
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