New/ Modified/ ImpactedTool/APIProvisionalTool/ComponentComment
Mn/aAccessibilityModified in 2.1.0.
I & MToolAnnouncementsModified in 2.1.0 to be Section Aware; Impacted by modifications to Resources.
IToolAssignmentsImpacted by modifications to Resources.
ToolChatRegression test only; no changes.
IToolDiscussionImpacted by modifications to Resources.
ToolEmail ArchiveRegression test only; no changes.
IToolFile PickerImpacted by modifications to Resources.
ToolGateway PlaceholderRegression test only; no changes.
MToolGradebookModified in 2.1.0 to be Section Aware; new features also added: 1) Grade History Log 2) ???
ToolHelpRegression test only; no changes.
ToolHomeRegression test only; no changes.
Mn/aInternationalizationModified in 2.1.0; from UM; language support added for: Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Catalan, Danish, Hebrew, Portuguese, Slovakian (red items expected but may not make release).
ToolMembershipRegression test only; no changes.
ToolNewsRegression test only; no changes.
ToolNew AccountRegression test only; no changes.
ToolPage WrapperRegression test only; no changes.
NToolXPopup (Iframe tool)New in 2.1.0; from ???; impacts Gradebook, others???
ToolPreferencesRegression test only; no changes.
ToolPresentationRegression test only; no changes.
ToolProfileRegression test only; no changes.
ToolRealms AdminRegression test only; no changes.
MToolResourcesModified in 2.1.0 for OSP? Need new spec from Kristol.
NToolXRosterNew in 2.1.0; from Indiana University
NToolXRwikiNew in 2.1.0; from Cambridge University
I & MToolScheduleImpacted by modifications to Resources & addition of new Timezone Tool.
NToolSection InfoNew in 2.1.0
ToolSite Archive AdminRegression test only; no changes.
MToolSite InfoModified in 2.1.0 to be partially Section Aware.
MToolSites adminModified in 2.1.0 to be partially Section Aware.
NToolXSUNew in 2.1.0; from Virginia Tech
ToolSyllabusRegression test only; no changes.
MToolTest and Quizzes (aka Samigo)Modified in 2.1.0 to be Section Aware; significant Jira fixes included.
NToolXTime ZoneNew in 2.1.0; from ???; impacts Resources; expected but may not make release.
NToolXTwin PeaksNew in 2.1.0; from Indiana University; impacts Resources
ToolUsers adminRegression test only; no changes.
ToolWeb ContentRegression test only; no changes.
IToolWebDAVImpacted by modifications to Resources & ContentHosting?
MToolWorksite SetupModified in 2.1.0 to be Section Aware; new templates added for new OOTB roles; may not be implemented in 2.1.0.
IToolWYSIWYG EditorImpacted by modifications to Resources & WebDAV.
MJira FixesN targetted for inclusion in 2.1.0
APICourse Management Service APIAPI pre-existed in 2.0.1; remains unused until 2.2; included in release; no testing necessary.
NAPISection APINew API in 2.1.0
MAPISite APIModified API in 2.1.0
MAPIAuthz Group API (aka Realm)Modified API in 2.1.0; manages auth at section level previously named Realms
NAPIXWeb Services APINew API in 2.1.0; from Steven Githens
NAPIXWSRP ServiceNew in 2.1.0; from Steven Githens