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  • Sakai 10.4-RC01 Testing
Issue TypeKeySummary
TaskSAK-20799PageOrder: Add Ability to Hide a Tool without Disabling a Tool
TaskSAK-21322Modify common archive package and add LessonBuilderEntityProducer to list of mergeFilteredSakaiServices
TaskSAK-21207add lessonbuilder to trunk build
TaskSAK-19813Build a new portal for Sakai CLE 2.9
TaskSAK-21193add extra events related to schedule events update
Feature RequestSAK-10051Ability to send / post system-wide pop-up announcement to all users
TaskSAK-20815update neo mobile portal
TaskSAK-20462Allow the sakai_action parameter to be passed into iframe-based tools from portal urls
TaskSAK-20712Allow Legacy Tools Access to Some NEO Functionality - In particular to allow them to suppress the title bar in the portal
Feature RequestSAK-19964Gradebook drop highest and/or lowest or keep highest score for a student
Feature RequestSAK-19912Visual indication of item Description in Resources table
TaskSAK-21175add extra events related to assignment updates
TaskSAK-20463Allow direct linking into doMenu_edit_site_tools and doNew_site in Site Info / Worksite Setup
Contributed PatchSAK-20163Add property to prevent WebDAV instructions from being displayed to users
Contributed PatchSAK-20304Simplified Chinese translation for jobscheduler 2.8.0-rc02
Feature RequestSAK-20626Add last modify date and last modifier to site-manage-tool
TaskSAK-21195add mailsender to trunk build
Feature RequestSAK-14210Post event for each participant add/remove
TaskSAK-20510Merge Drag and Drop User-Preferences into Trunk
TaskSAK-20864optimize tool display (Resources, Anns, Assigs, Grdbook) in mobile webkit
Contributed PatchSAK-14625Add group/section filter to DropBox
Feature RequestSAK-7334Not allowing students to submit 0kb files for assignments
Feature RequestSAK-19379Create 'Add Prefix' functionality to the Add Url action in Resources
Feature RequestSAK-20923Option to disable requirement for 'authorizer' when creating new site
TaskSAK-21004Allow external user searching in federating user provider
Contributed PatchSAK-20702Add functionality to assignments UI to show the error message for Content Review Service
Feature RequestSAK-17165Polls: Need a "Select All" Check Box
TaskSAK-20713Provide 2.9 compatible set of example skins
Feature RequestSAK-20494Please Change the Order of Fields on the Grading Screen for Assignments
Feature RequestSAK-21253Correct grammer in Assignments grading UI
Feature RequestSAK-21076Upgrade JSF to 2.0 in Sakai-JSF framework
TaskSAK-20607Improve CLE WebDAV (GSoC 2011)
TaskSAK-20772Add icon for signup tool
Feature RequestSAK-20692Add shortenedurl web services
TaskSAK-20296Upgrade CKEditor to 3.5.2 to support IE9
Feature RequestSAK-19469Allow coordinators to view unpublished forms added/owned by another coordinator
Contributed PatchSAK-20724Allow default calendar view to be set in
Feature RequestSAK-16551Allow context sensitive URLs that allow a single URL to resolve to different pages depending on the user.
Contributed PatchSAK-16370Allow different loggedOutUrl's based on user type
Feature RequestSAK-453better "list" identification of email sent via Sakai for filtering, auto-reply, etc. purposes
Feature RequestSAK-21037GB Export Doesn't indicate Dropped Scores
Feature RequestSAK-18588Allow students to see total number of points in gradebook
Feature RequestSAK-19467Log events for tools based on IFrameAction and NewsAction
Contributed PatchSAK-20729Inline commenting for wiki
TaskSAK-20757Set Neo portal footer not fixed position
TaskSAK-21196Matrices / Display an error message upon saving a matrix or a cell when an evaluator does not have permission to evaluate participant submissions
TaskSAK-20899Add link to External Tools Helper to Site Info
TaskSAK-20488Use new preferences method to get current user locale
TaskSAK-20227Record a container login with a distinct event
Feature RequestSAK-20092Add TA to section membership export
Contributed PatchSAK-20793Ability to import News and/or Web Content tools via the "I would like to merge my data" option in Import from Site
TaskSAK-20833Expose site ID to portfolio template XSL
TaskSAK-21192add extra events related to announcement update
Feature RequestSAK-10393Worksites need to support locale preferences
TaskSAK-20689Add Spanish HTML templates
TaskSAK-19731Add ability to hide columns in All Grades View for instructors
Contributed PatchSAK-19295Adjust course site creation workflow, create without roster
Feature RequestSAK-20612Allow closing section info tool until a release date
Feature RequestSAK-20666Allow project site creators to select skin from a drop-down during site creation or in site info like they can with course sites
Contributed PatchSAK-20785Hide the option to "Duplicate Site" via a
Feature RequestSAK-14831Announcement email should have configurable 'From' field
Feature RequestSAK-21051Announcements Feeds: Integrate UI Branch feeds from Sakai-2.7.1
Contributed PatchSAK-19332Images not sorted alphabetically in the FCK editor
Feature RequestSAK-20118Generate a pdf from the gradebook for printing
Feature RequestSAK-20370Show total points in All Grades view for instructor
Contributed PatchSAK-20534Allow page and tool properties to be added with the sites tool
Feature RequestSAK-20946make use of roster-provided description for site description field
Contributed PatchSAK-21107Gradebook tool is still packaging gradebook service api's in war