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  • Sakai 10.4-RC01 Testing

Logging In

You must have a valid JIRA Account to create a ticket.


You can create an account by selecting  the Sign Up link underneath the Username login box.

Creating a Sub-Task


Before any Sub Tasks are created the tester should do a search of current Sub Tasks to ensure that they are not creating a duplicate.

         If the issue you are creating has an existing issue in JIRA that is Closed you may just need to Re-Open the original issue.

         If the issue you are creating has an existing issue in JIRA that is Open do not open another ticket.


The Test Fest JIRA ticket can be found on the wiki page here:




[ ** Again, please do not create a Sub-task before looking over the existing sub-tasks to determine if you may in fact be creating a duplicate issue.


From the ticket page select the More Actions drop down and then Create Sup-Task .


You will now be redirected to the Create Sup-Task screen. The following fields on this screen need to be filled in. Taken from Sakai   Confluence


         A brief statement summarizing the issue. (Field is limited to < 255 characters.)



The Priority field in Jira is used by Sakai to reflect a combination of issue characteristics, including:

         Number of users affected

         Resources required to resolve

In practice, the Jira Priority field is utilized by Sakai at two times: during prioritization of feature requests/branches/contributed patches for implementation or merging, and when making decisions on what will actually appear in a release. Initial priorities, when an issue is first reported, may be changed to reflect needs as a release moves forward and priorities evolve.


As a release date approaches, priorities will also be adjusted - and lowered, if necessary - to reflect the decreasing availability of time and resources.


Definition for Sakai


Release will not be completed until issue is resolved.


Issue will most likely be resolved for release.


Issue should be resolved for release.


Issue may be resolved for release.


Issues that might be resolved before a release.


         The particular part or parts of Sakai related to the issue.

Affects Version

         Version(s) in which an issue is observed , and should be a released version of Sakai.

         The verson of the code the test instance is running should be displayed in the Footer of the web page (Highlighted).


         For QA participants this is a good place to note on which test server the issue occurred ( e.g. , MIT Stable HSQL, MIT Stable Oracle, MIT Stable MysQL, Nightly)


         A detailed description of the issue, including the steps necessary for reproducing the issue.



         You can also add attachments, including screen shots to help illustrate the issue.


*** These are the fields that are expected to be filled in by QA Testers. Please do not attempt to set a Fix Version , Security Status or Merge Status .


Follow Through

Once the Sub-Task has been created it will go through a triage process. If a new Issue needs to be created it will be and assigned to the proper Developer or Tool Manager.