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  • Sakai 11 Release Schedule and Scope
Start DateDue DateActivityActivity Description OwnerStatus & Notes
6/12/2011DiscussionProject Coodination Meeting in LA - formal discussion about 2.9 changes beginsTCC Chair & TCC Vice Chair
6/12/20116/30/2011Upgrade DecisionDecisions on upgrades and additions to shared/common jar files and tools (e.g., java, maven, dbcp, spring, hibernate, tomcat) are completed. TCC Chair
6/12/20117/29/2011Tool Status Decision: Inclusion Decisions are finalized on the inclusion of tools, larger changes, ect. Project teams begin work related to status changes and TCC Chair communicates decisions to the communityTCC Chair
6/12/20117/29/2011Tool Status Decision: DeprecationDecisions are finalized on retiring tools. This can mean a tool is stealthed or that the code is 100% removed from the release. Project teams begin work related to status changes. TCC Chair
7/31/2011Communication Communication on intended 2.9 Release changes are circulated to the community. This will include a list of enhancements as well as any tool inclusions or retirements. TCC Chair or TCC Vice Chair
7/31/2011CommunicationHighlevel timeline circulated to development community - important information like code freeze date, branching, tagging and intended release date are communicatedTCC Chair
8/1/20119/17/2011Information Gathering Project teams share tool and service plans and are encourage to start posting any documentation/specifications in the project's Confluence spaceTCC Vice Chair
9/20/2011Feature/Code Freeze (including kernel) at 23:59 UTCAll changes to code completed, including settings, appropriate default permissions, work related to tool status changes, kernel, database upgrade/conversion scripts, upgrades and additions to shared/common jar files and tools (e.g., java, maven, dbcp, spring, hibernate, tomcat) are completed. , etc. Project Teams
9/20/2011String Freeze No more changes in UI text, so the Internationalization WG can create translations. Implementers can also begin updating their local documentation. Project Teams
10/17/2011Alpha Tag 01 createdThe Alpha 01 is created off trunk2.9.0 Release Team
10/17/2011TestingFunctional testers test the whole surface based off the functional changes document and test plans during Alpha tag phase QA Team
9/1/201111/1/2011Accessibility ReviewAccessibility Review of tools with Significant UI Changes is completeBrian Richwine (QA Accessibility Lead)
11/1/2011Documentation / HelpHelp documentation has been updated and checked in so final translations can take placeProject Teams
Documenation WG
11/18/2011Alpha Tag 02 createdCreate Alpha 02 tag (tentative) and continue tagging every 2 weeksRelease Team
12/15/20112.9 Branch 2.9 release branch is created 2.9 Release Team
1/6/20122.9.0 beta 01 tagFirst beta tag is created. Begin tagging QA beta releases off 2.9.x branch on a rigid 2 week schedule. - Final deadline for test plans2.9 Release Team
1/27/20122.9.0 beta 02 tagBeta 02 tag created2.9 Release Team
1/27/2012TranslationsInternationalization WG has completed translations and they are checked in/merged to the 2.9. Language / region transalation leads
TBDRelease Candidate Tag BeginsFirst release candidate tagged - continue tagging release candidates as needed2.9 Release Team
3/21/20122.9.0 beta 03 tagBeta 03 tag created2.9 Release Team
4/18/20122.9.0 beta 05 tagBeta 05 tag created2.9 Release Team
7/19/20122.9.0 beta 06 tagBeta 06 tag created2.9 Release Team
8/14/20122.9.0 beta 06 tagBeta 06 tag created2.9 Release Team
TBD 09/2012Tentative RC 01 tag2.9 Release Team
TBD 10/2012Tentative RC 02 tag2.9 Release Team
TBDCommunicationDraft announcement for mailing lists and Sakai Foundation websiteTCC Chair
TBDSoftware Release Sakai 2.9.0 is released by the Sakai CommunityAll