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  • Sakai 11 Release Schedule and Scope
Start DateDue DateActivityActivity Description OwnerStatus & Notes
Jun 01
Jun 12DiscussionProject Coodination Meeting in LA - formal discussion about 2.9 changes beginsTCC Chair & TCC Vice Chair
Jun 126/30/11Upgrade DecisionDecisions on upgrades and additions to shared/common jar files and tools (e.g., java, maven, dbcp, spring, hibernate, tomcat) are completed. TCC Chair
Jul 01
Jun 127/29/11Tool Status Decision: Inclusion Decisions are finalized on the inclusion of tools, larger changes, ect. Project teams begin work related to status changes and TCC Chair communicates decisions to the communityTCC Chair
Jun 127/29/11Tool Status Decision: DeprecationDecisions are finalized on retiring tools. This can mean a tool is stealthed or that the code is 100% removed from the release. Project teams begin work related to status changes. TCC Chair
7/31/11Communication Communication on intended 2.9 Release changes are circulated to the community. This will include a list of enhancements as well as any tool inclusions or retirements. TCC Chair or TCC Vice Chair
7/31/11CommunicationHighlevel timeline circulated to development community - important information like code freeze date, branching, tagging and intended release date are communicatedTCC Chair
Aug 01
Aug 019/17/11Information Gathering Project teams share tool and service plans and are encourage to start posting any documentation/specifications in the project's Confluence spaceTCC Vice Chair
Sep 01
9/20/11Feature/Code Freeze (including kernel) at 23:59 UTCAll changes to code completed, including settings, appropriate default permissions, work related to tool status changes, kernel, database upgrade/conversion scripts, upgrades and additions to shared/common jar files and tools (e.g., java, maven, dbcp, spring, hibernate, tomcat) are completed. , etc. Project Teams
9/20/11String Freeze No more changes in UI text, so the Internationalization WG can create translations. Implementers can also begin updating their local documentation. Project Teams
Oct 01
10/17/11Alpha Tag 01 createdThe Alpha 01 is created off trunk2.9.0 Release Team
10/17/11TestingFunctional testers test the whole surface based off the functional changes document and test plans during Alpha tag phase QA Team
Nov 01
Sep 0111/1/11Accessibility ReviewAccessibility Review of tools with Significant UI Changes is completeBrian Richwine (QA Accessibility Lead)
11/1/11Documentation / HelpHelp documentation has been updated and checked in so final translations can take placeProject Teams
Documenation WG
11/18/11Alpha Tag 02 createdCreate Alpha 02 tag (tentative) and continue tagging every 2 weeksRelease Team
Dec 01
12/15/112.9 Branch 2.9 release branch is created 2.9 Release Team
Jan 01
1/6/122.9.0 beta 01 tagFirst beta tag is created. Begin tagging QA beta releases off 2.9.x branch on a rigid 2 week schedule. - Final deadline for test plans2.9 Release Team
1/27/122.9.0 beta 02 tagBeta 02 tag created2.9 Release Team
1/27/12TranslationsInternationalization WG has completed translations and they are checked in/merged to the 2.9. Language / region transalation leads
TBDRelease Candidate Tag BeginsFirst release candidate tagged - continue tagging release candidates as needed2.9 Release Team
Feb 01
Mar 01
3/21/122.9.0 beta 03 tagBeta 03 tag created2.9 Release Team
Apr 01
4/18/122.9.0 beta 05 tagBeta 05 tag created2.9 Release Team
May 12
Jun 12
Jul 12
7/19/122.9.0 beta 06 tagBeta 06 tag created2.9 Release Team
Aug 01
8/14/122.9.0 beta 07 tagBeta 07 tag created2.9 Release Team
Sep 01
TBD 09/2012Tentative RC 01 tag2.9 Release Team
Oct 01
TBD 10/2012Tentative RC 02 tag2.9 Release Team
Nov 01
TBDCommunicationDraft announcement for mailing lists and Sakai Foundation websiteTCC Chair
TBDSoftware Release Sakai 2.9.0 is released by the Sakai CommunityAll