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Sakai Pedagogy Discussion Group

Phone Conference Meeting Minutes

June 28, 2007


The following people RSVP’ed for the call, highlighted names are those who attended:


Hannah Reeves ( )

Peter Knoop ( )

Diana Perpich ( )

Kim Eke ( )

Susan Roig ( )

Joe Shedd ( )

Sean Keesler ( )

Dale Voorhees ( )

Gale Moore ( )

Claire Brooks ( )

Sean DeMonner ( )

Gregg Alpert ( )

John Gosney ( )

Josh Baron ( )

Uli Rauch ( )

Stacy Morrone

The following people could not make the call, but want to be kept in the loop for future calls:


Mara Hancock ( )

Phillip Long ( )

Susan Kahn ( )

Stephen Marquard ( )

Salwa Khan ( )



Tentative Meeting Agenda



Discussion Topic #1: Pre-Conference Session in Newport

Discussion Topic #2: Library for Sakai-based Instructional Best Practices

Wrap Up: Who can help?


Meetings Notes


Participants began by introducing themselves and talking briefly about why they are interested in discussing pedagogy within the Sakai community.


Participants initially talked about defining a focus for the pedagogy discussion in general.  Some felt that the discussion should avoid any “tool-related” topics or issues and instead focus only on instructional topics.  Others felt that it would be impossible to separate these two topics and that including technical issues in the discussion was important.


The conclusion of this discussion seemed to end on some middle ground with the notation that although the focus should likely be on instructional topics, that the outcome of these discussions would represent excellent feedback for the UX/UI and Developer communities.  There was a suggestion that it may be possible to develop a set of “pedagogical principals” to help guide the UX and Developer community (although some noted that this may not be practical to develop a single set of principals that would be approach for all subject matter).


There was a comment that this approach could help fill the gap between faculty and developers (this was not a criticism, just an observation that the “faculty voice” has been missing in many of the Sakai discussions).


There was a mention that the portfolio group is also discussing pedagogical issues and that we should be sure to engage that group as we move the pedagogy discussion forward.


The remainder of the call focused on the Newport Beach conference and the idea of having some type of “pedagogy” camp. 


There was a suggestion that we consider a full day camp with the morning dedicated to showing 3-4 practical examples of how Sakai tools can be used to truly innovate the teaching and learning process.  For each example shown we would connect it to pedagogical theories and research. 


It was suggested that the afternoon session be a joint meeting between the developers and pedagogy groups so that a collaborative discussion between the groups could take place.  It was noted that the U-Camp in Amsterdam scheduled a few hours late in the day to have a joint meeting with the Developers who attended the programmer’s café and that this had been very successful.  The challenged seemed to be with the logistics as finding time and a location for the joint meeting was difficult.  A suggestion was made that we consider a three-way meeting in the afternoon between the UI/UX, Developers and Pedagogy groups as it seemed important that all interact and this would also help reduce some of the logistical challenges (assuming that the UX folks were also planning to meet with the developers in the afternoon in Newport).


Finally, it was noted that with all the great ideas that we hope will flow from the pedagogy group that it was important that we also focus on resources needed to implement these ideas.  It was suggested that there may be grant funding opportunities, both from foundations as well as federal agencies in the U.S . , which would be interested in funding these efforts.