Memorandum of Understanding

Sakai / Virginia Tech and XXXX Collaboration

Development of Open Source Student Rating System


Saturday, December 2, 2006


This is a Memorandum of Understanding by and between the Sakai Evaluation System Project ( ) currently lead by Aaron Zeckoski from the Learning Technologies department of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (“Virginia Tech”), located in Blacksburg, Virginia, and XXXXXX, located in XXXXXXX.


Both groups agree to the following:


Whereas, both of these institutions have a need for an online student rating system and Sakai / Virginia Tech is in the process of developing such a system, therefore,

the XXXXXX agrees to collaborate in the development of open source software designed to provide such a system.  The work will include implementing the current software design, with modifications as mutually agreed to and will be guided by an agreed upon project plan.  Any modifications to the milestones in the project plan will be mutually agreed upon.  The work will also include quality assurance testing, deployment, refinement, and documentation.


The XXXXXXX will commit XXX JAVA programming FTEs to work in close collaboration with Virginia Tech on the development of the online student rating system.  Aaron Zeckoski will provide the overall project management.


The institutions agree that the software will be released under the Educational Community License or its successor.  This software will be compatible and integrated with the open source SAKAI learning management system that is being developed jointly with a consortium of universities nationwide.


Since this is an open source system, there are no claims for copyright or patent of the system by either university.


To facilitate the implementation of cooperation based on this Memorandum, each institutions shall nominate a senior staff member to coordinate activities arising under this agreement.


Nothing in this Memorandum shall be construed as creating any legal obligations on either party.


Financial responsibility for all expenses incurred, unless specifically stated, will be the responsibility of the institution incurring the expense.


Both institutions agree that information and/or data that are exchanged will only be treated as confidential when such a request is made by either partner, and agreed by both.


As a Memorandum of Understanding, this document is not a binding contract.  This agreement will be in force for a period of one year and may be renewed annually by mutual consent by serving three months notice in writing to the other party.  New terms may be agreed as part of the renewed understanding based on quarterly reviews.  Either party may withdraw by giving notice to the other party.  Termination does not revoke either institution’s rights to any previous shared code or documents.






Aaron Zeckoski

Manager of Application Development

Learning Technologies

Virginia Tech






(Other parties here)