SOLO now in pilot phase

North West University (South Africa) will be running SOLO in a pilot phase on a small number of distance students until the end of this year. SOLO will enable these students to work offline and only go online to synchronize announcements, resource and Melete e-guides. During this time we will resolve any issues that may arise.

The first official release will then be available from early next year. The current release can be seen as pre-release code and the current version is recommended for testing and evaluation purposes.
The beta version has been tested with Sakai 2.5.x and is available in SVN at

Please note the following folders in SVN:

  • soloclient_sakai:
    Contains the GWT (Google Web Toolkit) source code that must be compiled to Javascript using the GWT compiler. This code contains good examples of how to use RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) to Sakai, reading remote XML files, populating grids and treeviews etc.
  • soloserver_sakai:
    The tool source code. Check out the use of a pure ext-js grid that is integrated into the Solo tool.
  • deployments:
    For users that are interested in trying it out. Just check out the latest deployment in the deployments folder and follow the installation instructions in the zip.