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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes Thursday March 6, 2015
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  1. Matt Clare
  2. Matt Jones
  3. Kyle Blyth, NYU
  4. Jim Mezzanotte, Asahi
  5. Neal Caidin, Apereo / Foundation


  1.  Gonzalo Silverio    


New time for our calls?  Once we move to Sakai-dev@apereo....  look for a new call time?
 - Last week in March
The ra11y plan (plan to audit Sakai, fix accessibility issues, get VPAT and WCAG 2 cert) Feature Request: Require Alternative Text (in Rich Text Editor)
Credit to the University of South Alabama for the idea
 - Quick hack for one inst. to do this, but a good bit of work to make it a configuration.
 - need to consider CKEditor editor upgrades
 - interest in having this supported at a community level
 - ANISakai offer resources...

JIRAs:   - Matt's colleague Micheal Brousseau took a look and reports:
        "This seems to still be the case in IE11. Once the navigation happens the focus is lost on the iframe
mbrousseau[15:18]This doesn't seem to be an issue in chrome or FF"
We'll formalize this. Table summaries are well intentioned, but too verbose. Need more <th scope="row"> - Matt review Tables should be avoided for layout or at least have ARIA role Presentation - Matt review Accessibility: Missing Table summary for the data table on the forums statistics page Allow different delivery settings for specific sections, groups, and individuals
 - part of STEP project, PDF kinda' outlines what is going to happen extended matching type seems inaccessible
 - In 10 there are options for disabling samigo question types - SAM-2296  
Other possibilities if you wanted to disable other questions improve accessibility of podcasts tool 
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