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The X-Server in Sakaibrary's Metasearch Service

The following diagram depicts a client using Sakaibrary's (planned) Metasearch Service within Sakai. This particular diagram shows the Sakaibrary Metasearch Service being built on top of the MetaLib X-Server and using an implementation of the O.K.I. Repository OSID to store persistent data. The underlying metasearch tool could be something other than the MetaLib X-Server, such as SIRSI SingleSearch. The functionality of the other metasearch tool would replace the MetaLib X-Services with its own services in the following diagram.

The MetaLib X-Server services are briefly detailed in the diagram - please see the MetaLib Metadata page for more details.

Printer-friendly Diagram

Download and print a more legible version of the following diagram.

Similar X-Server Work

A portion of the above content is derived from the CDL MetaLib Access through XML (MAX) project. The work being done on this project highly parallels the work being done with the MetaLib X-Server in the Sakaibrary project.

See also, Xerxes.

  • MetaLib Metadata - listing of used MetaLib X-Services and their details.
  • MetaLib X-Server code samples - UM Library Information Technology Web Services code samples (in Perl) for using the X-Server. UM Library login required.
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