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Summary of Highlights

Known Issues


WebDAV- Versions of 10.x prior to 10.3 and 2.9.x prior to the 2.9.4 unreleased branch are not webdav compatible with these newer versions of tomcat because of
So people running 2.9 will need to upgrade their dav modules to the latest maintenance branch, and 10 users should upgrade to the latest 10.x, 10.3 or probably later this week, 10.4.
Samigo - add ability to transfer ownership of question pools, which was added in Sakai 10.3 suffered a regression in 10.4 (too late in the process to fix before release).  SAM-2492 - Getting issue details... STATUS

New Properties

PropertyDefault valueDescriptionJira
portal.include.extraheadEmpty, no value.

# Allows for adding addditional code into the header of both the standard and pda portals, for example for adding in kaltura or other javascript code

Example : portal.include.extrahead=<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript" src="/kaltura/javascript/kaltura-display.js"></script>

SAK-29001 - Getting issue details... STATUS
sakai.announcement.release_date_firsttrueIt will move any unreleased items (release date in the future) lower in the order list. SAK-25556 - Getting issue details... STATUS



# Cause Lessons to hide the top-level folder it creates. If basefolder is

# set, that's the folder that will be hidden. If not, the individual folders

# created for each page will be hidden.

LSNBLDR-444 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Known Issues

Sakai 10 Oracle upgrade scripts. Please use database upgrade scripts from trunk for Sakai 10.0 and later.


List of Issues Fixed

T Key Summary

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