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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes Thursday January 22, 2015
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    Neal C. , Apereo/Sakai
    Matt Clare, Brock University


Items for Audit/Review of Sakai

     - Where we are with prep for audit
     - We’ve been given permission to publicly share the report from Longsight   and work is ongoing to verify issues and record them as JIRAs.
  • - Matt to write out game-plan based on current plans
  • - This could be titled rA11y?

We are planning to move all Sakai lists over to Apereo Google Groups

     - should we move accessibility into sakai-dev?
     - once we make a move to a new group, seems like a good time to slip around peoples’ email filters and other practices and ask about a different meeting time.

Should we look at Sakai 11 site create / add tool?

 - Tab order and focus could be better

Identified a11y Resources

JIRAs (Not discussed)

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