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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes Thursday January 8, 2015
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    Neal C. - Apereo/Sakai

    Lori Kressin - Lurking from Univ. of Virginia
  • Matt Clare - Brock University
  • Gonzalo
We're using Apereo's Calliflower account for this call
Default Dial-in Number:+1-323-375-2185 or Skype calliflowerskype
Conference Code: 8600146


Update on initiative to raise funds for a comprehensive review of Sakai.

  • Current version of Sakai and Accessibility Standards Compliance proposal:
    • It's a go, the only question is the scale and scope
    • Agreement that we should become more public about this call and ready information in an "kickstarter" or "indygogo" (apereo-gogo?) style.
  • Matt just reviewed a report on Sakai's accessibility circa 2013.  From a generous, but shy source.  Good information to have!
  • The report was shared with those participating in the call - others are welcome to inquire.
  • Matt will make some JIRAs.  The absence of ARIA roles on xlogin seems like a good place to start.  Others will soon be verified and reported.
  • Matt thinks this changes our perspective on what is 'known' about Sakai's accessibility.  It's not a big change, but should affect our ranking of what we'd like examined first in the likely scenario that no one can afford to have every facet of Sakai examined.

Quick review of Morpheus project. 

Wrap-up chat on (your contributions appreciated)

  • Shared proposed feedback in last session's notes, and drafted in Google Doc (take your pic)
  • The pnotify on site create needs a new JIRA - Matt to create, Gonzalo to review.

 Better time to meet?  Send some thoughts to the listserve - doodle or not?

We're in git /

Could be a small 10.4 release

Interested in longstanding JIRAs? Listed here

- Sakai automated testing? -
  •  oops, didn't talk about this, but we had before.  Matt & Neal are interested in learning more about this.  Can we get a bunch of interested individuals together and inquire about some training from asahinet or somewhere else?

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