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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 04-03-2014
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Matt Clare
Neal Caidin
Joe Humbert

Gonzalo Silverio

        Updates on ongoing communications
        Improving the  forums tool
  • IU  has greasemonkey scripts and will file Jiras.
Possible website text:
    New Customize Tabs re-order dialogue in Preferences.
Sakai sends the correct language property and doesn't confuse screen readers in almost all tools.
Removed a keyboard trap in the welcome tutorial.
The rest are removing accidental invocations of the FCKEditor over the CKEditor and cleaning up some form items and and other simple omissions.
[Could work, but needs to be clear about what audience the improvement helps?]
 - Unlabeled combo box in Assignments tool
 - Numerous sets of radio buttons or checkboxes lack a fieldset and legend on multiple pages in the Assignments tool.
 - Multiple buttons are part of an HTML heading when they should be separate on the All Grades page of the Gradebooktool
 - The Assignments tool assignment Reorder tool is not accessibile using screen reading software
- use language from and figure out an alternate ordering mechanism that avoids the JAWS + Control issue
Will meet on the 1st of May  - no meeting on the 17th of April
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