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The group assignment allows any student in a group to submit an assignment on behalf of the group. The instructor can provide one grade that applies to the whole group, and can easily override the grade at the individual level. To turn on this feature one chooses, "Are submissions for a group?".  



 Suggestions for changing the UI

A. "Allow single submission for group?"


B. Create a new section and have two radio buttons:

 Individual or Group work

 (o)Individual submissions

( )Group submissions



Assessment Options

  • Peer Assessment
  • Group assignment submission

D.  Individual or Group work

 (o)Individual submissions

  • Peer Assessment

( )Group submissions




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  1. I Like option B much better.

    Default to Individual and then let user select group.

    When "Group" choice expands there should definitely be some text that clarifies what that means.

    Potential sticking points are how the groups are set up. I've had profs that have 2 big groups and then smaller subgroups.

    If a user is in more than one group, would the user setting up the assignment get to pick the groups or would it apply to all groups? 

    It als would be nice if there was a pop-up screen that showed all the group memberships.

  2. There seemed to be a question about peer assessment functionality as it pertains to groups in the last meeting, so just wanted to clarify current functionality with Peer Assessment in Sakai 10 based on our testing (at UVa):

    Peer Assessment DOES work when selecting Display to Group (by other members of the selected group(s)).