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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 03-20-2014
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Matt Clare
Neal Caidin
  • Datepickers
  • Samigo and Time limit groups / Roster Groups updates and privacy implications (ongoing)
  • Question about Samigo / Zoomtext
Universitat de Lleida contacted Matt Clare on Feb
  • - The All Grades table is two tables and a list coded to visually display as one table. Users of screen reading software will have a hard time navigating and understanding these tables. -- Test for 10 review - Is this still relevent?
  • Still two tables
  • Still no headers
  • Navigation is also a table
  • Looks like it's hold ctrl and move.  Needs instructions?  -- Matt to build some and Resources.
  • ctrl key may be an issue - JAWS might want to steal the ctrl key -- but it sounds pretty good in NVDA.  OSX wants to take the ctrl key aswell.
  • FLUID's reorder - this implementation is not exactly the same in instructions to the user as tab reorder
  • We like Tab style - use across Sakai
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