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This page contains a stylesheet for excerpt-inclusion on OSP Feature Specification pages. You should not use a regular include, so as to avoid importing this descriptive text. Include this style with:

{excerpt-include:OSP Specification Style Sheet|nopanel=true}

Here is the body of the excerpt that will be included:

This page contains macros or features from a plugin which requires a valid license.

You will need to contact your administrator.

td.osp-spec-head {
  border-bottom: 1px solid #CCCCCC;
  padding-left: 0;
  padding-bottom: 1.0em;

td.osp-spec-head table.confluenceTable {
  display: table;
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;

td.osp-spec-head th.confluenceTh, td.osp-spec-head table.confluenceTable th.confluenceTh {
  text-align: left;
  vertical-align: top;
  background-color: transparent;
  padding-left: 0;
  padding-right: 3em;
  border: 0;

td.osp-spec-head td.confluenceTd, td.osp-spec-head table.confluenceTable td.confluenceTd {
  border: 0;

.osp-spec h1, .osp-spec h2, .osp-spec h3, .osp-spec h4, .osp-spec h5, .osp-spec h6 {
  font-weight: bold;
  background-color: inherit;
  color: inherit;
  border: none;
  margin: 1.0em 0 0.2em;
  padding: 0;
.osp-spec h1 { font-size: 1.4em; }
.osp-spec h2 { font-size: 1.2em; }
.osp-spec h3 { font-size: 1.0em; }
.osp-spec h4 { font-size: 1.0em; font-style: italic; }
.osp-spec h5 { font-size: 0.9em; text-decoration: underline; }
.osp-spec h6 { font-size: 0.8em; font-style: italic; text-decoration: underline; }

.osp-spec table.confluenceTable {
  margin: 1.0em 2.0em;

.osp-spec p {
  margin: 0 0 0.5em 0;

.osp-spec { width: 80em; margin: auto; border: 1px solid #CCCCCC; }

td.logocell, div.license, div.bottomshadow, div#poweredby, div.pageheader { display: none; }
div#PageContent table.pagecontent td.pagebody td.pagebody td.pagecontent > table { display: none; }
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