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  • Sakai 10 Accessibility Review (2014)
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The Sakai CLE maintains a high level of accessibility and is hopefully one of the reasons why institutions choose Sakai.

This has been achieved by keen developers and other contributors as well as time contributed by individuals and institutions.

We need your assistance to help review Sakai 10 to identify any issues so that those that can correct them have the time they need to resolve issues.


Areas of Interest For Sakai 10

  1. New tools
    1. Signup
    2. Roster2
    3. Make sure Lesson Builder's development is supported
  2. New Features
    1. New Customize Tabs re-order dialogue in Preferences

    2. Joinable Groups
    3. iSyllabus?
    4. Resources drag and drop uploads
  3. Remove "accidental" invocations of the FCKEditor

  4. ARIA "verbosity" appropriate
  5. Good housekeeping
    1. Proper language set in <HTML> tag
    2. Form items accurately labelled
    3. Eliminate multiple links with the same name 


More areas of interest as in the Sakai 10 Release Notes

Accessibility Review Work Flow

  1. Sign up
  2. Pick tools/components you want to test, determine the protocol(s) you'll use, and then sign-up under the appropriate protocol columns in the Tools/Components Sign-up Tables
  3. Check the Tools/Components Sign-up Tables "Info" column for any special instructions and for a walkthrough script.
  4. If using a walkthrough script, please verify with Matt Clare that the required content has been created.
  5. If test scripts do not exist, either create your own, explore the tool ad-hoc, or request assistance.
  6. If you create scripts, please add them to the wiki under the Sakai Accessibility Walkthrough Scripts page. Please also update "Info" column in the Tools/Components Sign-up Tables
  7. Test according to your chosen protocol, record the results in the reporting template and rename the template as instructed, and then save the results by attaching it to the < RESULTS page >.
  8. Accessibility Review Lead will summarize results, and group will discuss after review from WG post them to the wiki and announce them
  9. Accessibility Review Lead will issue Jira Tickets based on issues discovered and contact appropriate project leads
  10. Followup Jira Tickets

Getting a Confluence - Jira Account and Joining the Accessibility Working Group Email List

To comment on or edit wiki pages you will need an account. Go here to signup for an account (One account for both the Confluence Wiki and Jira systems). Go here if you forgot your password.

Visit this page to join the accessibility working group's email list.

Accessibility Review Participants

Please add your name, contact info, and indicate your interest in participating in the Sakai 10 Accessibility Review:



Tools/Components Sign-up

Add your name below to the tool you are interested in testing.



</Work in progress!!  >

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