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Tomcat - please use Tomcat 7.0.65 .  Tomcat has a bug that should be fixed in release Tomcat 7.0.68.   See SAK-30173 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

Known issues in Sakai 10


10.3Announcements/Notifications SAK-28955 - Getting issue details... STATUS Plan to incorporate fix in Sakai 10.4. patch available at
10.0Samigo Test and Quizzes  SAK-26292 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
10.0Resources SAK-26294 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
10.0CKEditor SAK-26224 - Getting issue details... STATUS

If you have to use IE (internet explorer browser) with this option you might consider making it IE 10 compatible , but please QA test it before you deploy. Here is the property - 

10.0 - 10.7Lessons, Oracle LSNBLDR-600 - Getting issue details... STATUS

This issue affects schools using Sakai 10 , the Lessons tool, groups, and the Oracle database. It has been a problem since 10.0. It will be fixed in 10.8. However you can fix your instance of Sakai 10 by applying the following conversion script:

ALTER TABLE lesson_builder_groups ADD (tmpgroups CLOB);
UPDATE lesson_builder_groups SET tmpgroups=groups;
ALTER TABLE lesson_builder_groups DROP COLUMN groups;
ALTER TABLE lesson_builder_groups RENAME COLUMN tmpgroups TO groups;

Major change to events in Sakai 10


10EventsSAM-658 - Update events in assessments ( Closed)Major change to events.

Open Jira tickets

For listings of all open issues see:

Blocker Critical Major Minor, trivial

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