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Draft Agenda and Meeting Notes

  1. 2014 Teaching with Sakai Innovation Awards (TWSIA) Committee
    1. Salwa Khan will be Chairing the TWSIA Committee again this year.
    2. She is looking for a possible co-Chair as well as other committee members.
    3. She will post an email to the community the week of July 8th to begin to form the committee
  2. Samigo/Test & Quizzes Setting Redesign Effort ( SAM-2070 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
    1. Keli Amann will be holding a conference call on June 26th to get feedback on new designs for the settings in Samigo (Test and Quizzes).
    2. Community members are encouraged to post feedback to the JIRA that is linked above.
  3. Some possible questions to ponder/discuss
    1. Would it be of value to spend time doing a deeper review of the Sakai Learning Design Lenses (Sakai Learning Capabilities v 1.0)?
    2. Would an exercise where we "applied" the lenses to something like Lesson Builder be useful?
      1. We would use the outcomes of this to see if we can find resources to help move development efforts forward.
    3. Should we reach out to the TCC to schedule a joint call to discuss collaboration?
    4. Is there work around the 2.10 release that would be useful to engage on now? Later? When?
    5. Is considering what comes after 2.10 (roadmap) worth spending time on?
    6. NOTES
      1. There was some discussion around using the Sakai Learning Design Lenses as means to either provide feedback on a specific tool (e.g. Lesson Builder) or for longer-term planning/visioning.
      2. Josh noted that although the Learning Design Lenses began as a somewhat general exercise, they did get focused more on OAE toward the end and thus have an OAE "flavor" to them.  This may push us to consider updating the lenses.
      3. There was some recognition that one of the areas in which there is a lot of "need" is around UX or usability design.  Feedback in this area would be useful but without identified resources/talent could create an "unfunded mandate" issue.
      4. There was some consensus that there is a growing need, particularly among institutional decision makers. for some type of vision of where Sakai CLE is headed.  Working on this could be of great value but needs to be done in close collaboration with others, such as the TCC.
  4. Call schedule and next steps
    1. We will plan to use Etherpad/Titanpad for note taking moving forward
    2. We will be skipping the July 3, 2013 call due to the national holiday in the United States.  Our next call will be on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 from 2 - 3 PM Eastern Time.
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