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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 05-02-2013
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  • Joe Humbert
  • Gonzalo Silverio
  • Neal Caidin


Any Other Business 

Sakai A11y Help Documentation

  • Discussion of progress on updating Sakai a11y help documentation
    •  Joe added Gonzalo's draft to the AWG wiki.
    • He also made numerous edits and additions to improve the documentation. However, more work needs to be done to improve the documentation.
    • Gonzalo said he would be willing to take a stab at updating the documentation.
    • Joe said he will reach out to the AWG listserv to solicit more help

CK Editor Accessible Content Creation Guidelines

  • Discuss skeleton outline
    • CK Editor Accessibility Guideline Categories (CK Editor v3.6)
      • Alternative text descriptions for Images
        • alt (heuristics TBD), if complex add a paragraph, if paragraph is a problem then longdesc
        • Requiring of alternative text for image links
          • needs a alt if image is anchor for a link
      • Heading structure
        • start with an h4, can use h5, h6 - except HTML Resource, all headings are allowable
        • what can be a heading candidate (short, title-like)
        • separate structure from visual styling (h6 with font size of 22)
      • Semantically coded lists
        • Proper list nesting
          • when not to use a  list (one item)
      • Use of only color to convey information. For example, "click the blue button on the left."
      • Color Contrast
        • Example
        • link to checker
        • link to color picker tool
      • Inclusion of Skip navigation links
      • Unique and Descriptive link text
        • make descriptive sense, identify uniquely
        • Identifying downloadable files
          • report (pdf)
          • identify file type in link text 
      • Unique and Descriptive page titles (This may only be needed for external tools and Web pages).
        • only in HTML attachments
  • Joe will add the skeleton to the AWG wiki so that it can be collaboratively created.
  • Joe stated we need users, accessibility experts, and developers to provide examples and heuristics for these guidelines
  • At the next meeting we need to discuss a target date for completion of the guidelines?
    • June 30th, 2013?

Meeting ended early

Next Meeting is May 16th, 2013

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