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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 04-18-2013
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  • Joe Humbert
  • Gonzalo Silverio  


Any Other Business 

Sakai A11y Help Documentation

  • Discussion of progress on updating Sakai a11y help documentation
  • Update from meeting with i18n team
    • Neil sent email out to listserv discussing changes
      • Temporarily move A11y help to confulennce until Sakai community can come up with a sustainable online help tool
      • We want to make this process as i18n friendly as possible.
      • Plan
        • The Accessibility group will maintain the help documentation in Confluence for now (until a sustainable solution is implemented for Sakai online help)
        • There will be a separate Confluence page for each translation which is made
        • The English page will be clearly marked as English and the link to the page clearly denoted as the English page
        • The first link on each translation page (including English page) will be a link that will point to a Confluence page containing a list of links to all the available translations
        • In Sakai CLE the English help documentation for Accessibility will be something like :
        • Within Sakai CLE each translation of the Accessibility help  documentation (one or two sentences as per above) will point to it's own Confluence page with the translation of Accessibility help information.  For example a Spanish translation in Sakai CLE will point directly to  the Spanish Accessibility page in Confluence.
    • The Accessibility group will create the page in Confluence for the new  translation and provide the link to the translator(s) so that they can  include it in their Sakai translation.
    • Changes suggested from listserv
      • Neal suggested we might want to simplify this further and have it say something like "Please click here for Sakai CLE accessibility information."
      • Mary commented that for Neil's suggestion to work, the entire phrase "Please click here for Sakai CLE accessibility information" will need to be the link text.
      • Neal's suggested next steps
        • Get whatever text/link we want into Trunk
        • Joe H. would set up the structure on Confluence. We can then get going and probably get this into CLE 2.9.3
  • Timeline/ Milestones
    • Intial Translation
      • Perhaps we should also see if there is someone in i18n who would like to create  the first translation?
        • This would help us smooth out any issues and  provide a good model for other translators.
    • Deadline for completion of v1.0 of new accessibility information documents is May 11th?

CK Editor Accessible Content Creation Guidelines

  • Discuss skeleton outline
    • CK Editor Accessibility Guideline Categories (CK Editor v3.6)
      • Alternative text descriptions for Images
        • alt (heuristics TBD), if complex add a paragraph, if paragraph is a problem then longdesc
        • Requiring of alternative text for image links
          • needs a alt if image is anchor for a link
      • Heading structure
        • start with an h4, can use h5, h6 - exept HTML Resource, all headings are allowable
        • what can be a heading candidate (short, title-like)
        • separate structure from visual styling (h6 with font size of 22)
      • Semantically coded lists
        • Proper list nesting
          • when not to use a  list (one item)
      • Use of only color to convey information. For example, "click the blue button on the left."
      • Color Contrast
        • Example
        • link to checker
        • link to color picker tool
      • Inclusion of Skip navigation links
      • Unique and Descriptive link text
        • make descriptive sense, identify uniquely
        • Identifying downloadable files
          • report (pdf)
          • identify file type in link text 
      • Unique and Descriptive page titles (This may only be needed for external tools and Web pages).
        • only in HTML attachments
  •  Should we base the guidelines of of WCAG 2.0?

Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review

A11y Jiras that need testing/review

Next Meeting is May 2nd, 2013

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