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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 02-21-2013
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  • Joe Humbert
  • Neal Caidin
  • Gonzalo Silverio

Sakai 2.9.x

Release Team Meeting

Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review

Chat Room Accessibility Preferences

  • Joe and Gonzalo talked over the Phone outside of normal teleconference
    • Gonzalo found out the last developers on the tool were from Indiana University so we will need help from IU
    • Chris Mauer (the last developer on the tool) is currently busy
    • Megan May, IU's Sakai lead, said all IU devs will be busy till the end of April, but they may be able to help after April.

New Test Server

  • Joe is working with Chris Mauer from IU to use QA3us for A11y testing
  • Neil thinks it would be good to use QA3 for both QA and A11y testing
    • Beneficial to use one server
      • less maintenance
      • could potentially use QA testers to test for A11y issues and fixes
      • The AWG has no specific needs for a test server that would warrant separate servers
  • QA3 is currently being updated to the latest release of 2.9.x, but is not ready for testing yet
  • Chris Mauer will be taking a screenshot of Database
    • This will allow our group and the QA group to preload content that will be retained after a server refresh
    • Joe will work with Neil and Chris to coordinate the content creation before the snapshot.

Any Other Business

Increased Participation in group

  • Gonzalo asked Neil what other Sakai groups are doing
    • Neil is working with Alan Berg
    • Gave presentation at EuroSakai
    • Meetups at Apereo conference  (Formally Sakai conference) in San Diego
    • Institution allocation
  • Neil's suggestions
    • Sakai Fellows participate in groups
    • Improve Jira Ticket Information
    • Reduce Boundaries
    • Ask for institution participation
    • Grants

Other Topics of Interest concerning Sakai that may impact Accessibility

  • Apereo Merge
  • Code contribution
    • Non-american contributions
    • What are Universities Goals?
  • There needs to be procedures to bring work back to core (e.g., i18n)
  • Core areas need to be addressed by a group
    • possibly interstate
  • There is a need for a Sakai Community needs assessment

Sakai Accessible Content Creation Guidelines

  • Gonzalo believes the guidelines could be crowd sourced
    • based on currently A11y Guidelines
      • the AWG group could borrow guidelines from other LMSs or Universities
        • Joe will research current guidelines and share will the group
      • AWG customize for Sakai

Sakai Global Accessibility Preferences

  • AWG should consider hiring an intern to work on programming the A11y preferences
    • Possibly Human Computer Interaction student or other relevant major
    • Gonzalo will look into finding an intern at University of Michigan
  • We need to boil down options to make the choices simpler
    • Crowd Source

Sakai Accessibility Working Group Email List

  • Gonzalo would like to see more traffic on the listserv
    • Related to discussing accessibility topics or issues that people are currently working on
  • We should find out who is on the listserv
  • Find out Who would be most active on the listserv if there is more traffic
  • Potential topics will be discussed at future teleconferences

Next Meeting March 7, 2013

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