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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 02-07-2013
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  • Joe Humbert
  • Neal Caidin (in absentia)

Sakai 2.9.x

Release Team Meeting

  • 2.9.1 will be released within the next week
  • 2.9.2 planning will begin a week following the release
  • All of the accessibility issues marked for 2.9.1 have been fixed and merged.

Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review

  • No new updates

Any Other Business

Sakaiger's Den at EuroSakai

  • What is Sakaiger's Den
    • This 1 hour session is modelled after the popular Britisch TV show “Dragons’ Den” in which entrepreneurs pitch their business idea in order to secure investment finance from a panel of venture capitalists.

    • The main purpose of this session is to share a large number of tool ideas for the next version of Sakai with a broad audience in a short amount of time.

    • This could stimulate parties interested in similar projects to collaborate and work together to implement their ideas.

  • Very brief summary of Sakaiger's Den is here:
  • Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) won by a landslide. Accessibility improvements came out in the middle of the pack.

    • A MOOC technical team appears to be forming and they recognize that performance/scalibility and accessibility are required for this effort.

    • We should at least monitor this effort and if it appears to take off then we might find opportunities to help and drive accessibility improvements back into the core tool.

    • In fact, I think the hope/plan is that Mooc improvements will come back into the Core tool as part of the process, and not be a separate project.

    • More information on Sakai MOOC working group:
  • However, I got interest in the accessibility working group expressed specifically to me by NYU and Samoo.

Next Meeting February 21, 2013

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