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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 01-24-2013
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  • Joe Humbert
  • Neal Caidin
  • Scott Williams
  • Mary Stores

Sakai 2.9.x

2.9 Accessibility Help Documentation Drafted by Jane and Gonzalo

  • Scott and Walt took a look at the draft of the help documentation, although Walt took a look at an older version.
  • Walt thought that the document should not be any longer than it is.
  • One thing Joe noticed is that there could be more information on accessibility tips for specific tools.
  • Mary indicated that if there is to be tool specific help, there should be separate pages for each specific tool linked from the main documentation.

Release Team Meeting

  • All of the 2.9.1 security issues and bugs have been resolved. One final test fest
  • The goal is to finalize next week.
  • All of the accessibility issues marked for 2.9.1 have been fixed and merged.

Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review

2.9.1 Release

Continued Testing

  • The accessibility test server maintained at IU had to be taken down do to JAVA vulnerability issues.
  • Joe is working on finding an alternative test server.
  • After test server issue is addressed, testing should continue. The server issue should be resolved by next the meeting.
  • When testing, focus on tools that have not been reviewed at all or for a long time.

News Regarding Modal Dialog Warning Accessibility Issue

  • New comments have been added to the modal dialogue warning Jira issue.
  • Joe proposed two solutions:
    • Change which element is being targeted using ARIA labeledby attribute
    • Place hidden content in the currently targeted element containing the same the information in dialogue body.
  • At first a lot of people liked the second idea. But it seems from the most recent meeting is that  the idea is no longer as popular.

Ongoing Accessibility Testing

  • Scott, Walt, and another user have been testing Sakai. No major issues have been found.
  • Expect email for times in mid to late Feb. for Tests and quizzes tool.

Any Other Business

Group Promotion and Leadership

  • Neal has heard back from the security contacts.
    • He will send out the List to Joe and we will discuss how to reach out for new members at the next teleconference.

Next Meeting February 7, 2013

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