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  • Tomcat Installation (2.9)
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(warning) Tomcat 7.0: we recommend Tomcat 7

(minus) Tomcat 5.5. and earlier is no longer supported

(warning) JAVA_OPTS: running Sakai 2.x in Tomcat 5.5.27+ requires JAVA_OPTS modifications (see below).

(info) Sakai installations should always be accompanied by a fresh install of Tomcat. It provides a clean environment that simplifies troubleshooting if problems are encountered during the startup phase.

Unpack the Tomcat archive into your installation directory of choice, e.g. /opt/. Unix/Mac users should create a symbolic link (e.g., ln -s apache-tomcat-5.5.33) while Windows users should simply rename the base Tomcat directory to /tomcat to simplify the path.

Tomcat pathnames

Windows users should ensure that the Tomcat path includes no spaces as this causes errors with JavaServer Faces (JSF) tools in Sakai.

(thumbs up) Good: C:\opt\tomcat\, C:\sakaistuff\installs\tomcat\
(thumbs down) Bad: C:\program files\tomcat\, C:\opt\apache tomcat 7.0.34\

Tomcat permissions

Unix/Mac users should make sure that they have write permissions to the Tomcat servlet container files and directories before proceeding or startup permission errors may occur.

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