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This page is for gathering completed Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review evaluations.

How to Post Results

Please use the wiki to post results as child pages to this page and add a link below to the result page. If you can't use the wiki, then please use the appropriate Microsoft Word template (listed below) and add the result to this page as an attachment. (Note: You will have to login and use to the Tool Menu to add or view attachments.)

Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review Reporting Templates

Please use this Confluence Wiki to report your accessibility review results. We have created a template wiki page which you can copy and use. The two templates are:

If you can't use the Confluence Wiki, please use these word documents to record your results. Be sure to let the Accessibility Lead know that the results are available so they can convert the word document over to a wiki page. Thanks!

Each testing protocol has it's own reporting template. The Sakai 2.9 Comprehensive Firefox WCAG 2 Accessibility Evaluation Protocol protocol uses the Sakai 2.9 Firefox Comprehensive WCAG 2 Protocol Results Template (2012). The Sakai 2.9 Functional Accessibility Evaluation Protocol (Accessibility Walkthroughs) Protocol uses the Sakai 2.9 Walkthrough Script Results Template (2012) template.

Jiras to Push for 2.9.0

SAK-36138 - Accessibility: Multiple Choice Questions in Samigo Are Not Very Accessible Closed

SAK-35951 - Accessibility: Remove onkeypress handlers from links and form controls Closed

SAK-36213 - Accessibility: The 5 Minute Warning Modal jQuery Dialog Message Is Not Accessible Closed

SAK-34240 - Accessibility issue for Matching questions Open

SAK-22140 - Accessibility: "Number of users present:" text makes no sense to screen-reader users when no other users are present in the site. Resolved

SAK-20398 - Accessibility: Lists marked-up with role="menu" may be inaccessible to Voiceover Users on Mac OS-X Closed

SAK-34524 - Accessibility: Tables used for layout and in many cases very deeply nested Open

SAK-21806 - Accessibility: User search feature should not appear in the Users Tool action bar Closed

SAK-21802 - Accessibility: When no search results are returned for Login Page Site Browser Tool, the search criteria is missing from the instructions text Closed

Resolved - Need to be verified

SAK-36223 - Accessibility: Multiple Choice Question Radio Buttons Are Not Labeled for Adaptive Technologies Closed

SAK-36372 - Accessibility: Remove onkeypress handler from multiple choice single correct delivery Verified

SAK-36384 - Accessibility: Remove onkeypress handlers from "Open" and "Close" links on Test/Quiz Settings page Verified

SAK-22144 - Accessibility: "Toggle users present panel" link's visible indication of receiving keyboard focus is impossible to see. Closed

Verified Fixes - Watch to make sure they get in

SAK-21503 - Accessibility: The image element for the silk/comment.png icon image used in portal chat needs an alt attribute Closed

SAK-21502 - Accessibility: Skip Navigation links aren't visible to allow access to sighted keyboard only users Closed

SAK-21507 - Accessibility: The three skip navigation links do not work in Safari or Chrome Closed

SAK-21531 - The first two Dropbox Notification Option radio button input elements have the same ID value and are confusing adaptive technologies. Closed

SAK-21189 - Menu and submenu links in neo-portal should have visible hover and focus changes Verified

SAK-20916 - Accessibility: Accessing a Site from NeoPortal Worksite Navigation Causes Internet Explorer 8 and 9 to Crash when Used with the JAWS Screen-Reading Software Verified

SAK-22141 - Accessibility: user_green.png Image needs an empty alt attribute Closed

SAK-21504 - Accessibility: Portal chat close link text of 'x' is not meaningful or descriptive of its function Verified

SAK-21197 - "More" sites dropdown link needs to be clearer for screen reader users Closed

SAK-21191 - Expand/contract tool menu should leave the list "visible" but rendered off the viewport Verified

SAK-36486 - Accessibility: Tabbing off of the "What's This?" link generates a HTTP Status 404 Error Message to appear Verified

SAK-36694 - Accessibility: Username and Password Input fields not labeled on Begin Assessment Page Verified

SAK-37007 - Accessibility: Hide Division Feature Is Not Accessible Verified

SAK-20631 - Accessibility: The "Add" and "Action" menus are difficult for screen-reader users to navigate/use in the Drop Box and Resources Tools Closed

SAK-22142 - Accessibility: Number of users present count is repeatedly announced to screen-reader users even when it hasn't changed Verified

SAK-21797 - Accessibility: The "Type of Site" Heading on the Login Page Site Browser Tool is misleading to low-vison/ blind users. It should be changed into a legend for the radio button set. Closed

SAK-21804 - Accessibility: Academic Term search options for the Login Page Site Browser Tool can be specified without selecting the parent form control Closed

SAK-21807 - Accessibility: User search textbox on the Users Tool is not explicitly labeled. Closed

SAK-22143 - Accessibility: No way for screen-reader users to silence ARIA live updates on presence feature Closed

SAK-35263 - Accessibility: Many Question Types Marked-Up Entirely As a Level 5 Heading Closed

Verified Fixed in 2.9.0-Betas

SAK-21270 - Accessibility: Help links don't notify the user that they open in a new window Closed

SAK-19559 - Accessibility: "Jump to Worksite List" Skip Navigation Link Present on Login Page Closed

SAK-22021 - Accessibility: The ARIA Landmarks presented by the Neoportal are not all unique Closed

SAK-20474 - Accessibility: Default Text Colors Do Not Meet Minimum WCAG 2.0 Color Contrast Requirements Closed

SAK-11653 - Accessibility: Buttons with only symbols and no readible text not read by screen-readers (List Navigator, etc.) Closed


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