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2012 Conference presentation (Keynote) (PowerPoint) (PDF) outlining our project as it stands & our plans...



Goal to move all of this into trunk by Fall 2012

  • Created new "matrix" rating scale display type (see evaluation designs)
  • Added configuration options to include "Save & complete later button" and/or "Cancel" button to evaluations
  • Developed custom CSS so each institution can have their own eval sys CSS
  • Minor UI changes to the evaluation, mostly in our CSS
  • Dashboard UI updates
  • Added configuration option to include evaluations on dashboard for X days after closing.  Grouped dashboard configuration settings together
  • Added ability to bulk import & export configuration settings

Future work

Planned for Fall release at Berkeley.  Our goal is add back to trunk early & often.  We'll hold regular community design reviews of this work.

  • Add Scale display preview during scale creation & while selecting scale display during template creation
  • Dashboard improvements, including adding respondents link back in
  • Information architecture improvements to the administration page
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