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Sakai Documentation Content Working Group Meeting Agenda - Dec 1, 2011
Sakai 2.9 Release Schedule (for reference):

  • Becca Darling
  • Alan Regan
  • Matt Clare
  • Lorie Stolarchuk
  • Kim Eke
  • Mathieu Plourde
  • Barb Kerns
  • Robin Hill
    Establish regular meeting schedule
    -- every other week through February - 1st mtg second week in Jan
    -- Thursday at 11:30am EST and 8:30am PST
    [Follow up with Patrick about the times]
    [Alan will send out a meeting request]
    Which tools do we want to focus on for the 2.9 release[|display/ESUP/Help+Files+delivered+from+Indiana+University%27s+repository]
    -- Liz recommends focusing on underlined tools so we can be reasonably confident they'll be put into the release. 
    -- Announcements - reorder (Mathieu +1) Alan+1
    -- Forums?? It's not underlined (Mathieu +1) Alan+1
    -- Gradebook (1) is still default
    -- Roster
    -- Schedule - syncing capability
    -- WYSIWIG editor page -- change title to 'rich text editor' <-- Elizabeth will check with IU, then a global search/replace
            ** Elizabeth will work on identifying content which specifically references 'paste from word'
    If they're not being pulled, we could put them in kb, but otherwise we'd talk to someone on the Sakai build. 
    [Jonathan and Elizabeth are continuing to look at which tools are being pulled]
    The Google doc with the changes we made to SiteInfo tool for 2.8.1
    Let Elizabeth know the doc ID for the items which are missing, so she can follow up. 
    Documentation Guidelines

  • Language and terminology
  • avoid acronyms & abbreviations / clarify what they mean if you need to use them
  • Use functions instead of roles to describe use cases "Test takers" instead of "students"
  • Menubar, tabs, etc. We use this at UD:
  • This would be a conversation that Elizabeth would have to discuss at IU
  • Robin suggests we look at W3C for standard terms/teminology
  • Expectations for work to produce
  • Bring out of date doc up to date
  • Meet Language & Terminology guidelines
  • Confirm accuracy of the steps
  • Capture any new changes made to tools in 2.9
  • Add any common 'gotchas' we've observed in the tools
  • Apply formatting changes we brought to Site Info to other tools 
    Do we just want to review for 2.9 or apply changes to 2.8, which Elizabeth could do 'live'
    -- we need to make sure it's clear what's for 2.8, what's for 2.9, and which we're doing
    Technical and how to do updates
  • Changes should be dynamic, pulling from a central repository
  • Would need a way to manage versions
  • It's clear that our summer changes were overwritten by another process someplace.
    How are we working? 
  • Each tool has a producer/project lead to wrangle contributions (and do some themselves, too.)
  • Elizabeth notes that personal commitment across multiple tools = a lot of time. Being committed to select tools/pages may be more efficient/effective for people.
  • Work on tools in parallel, each with a separate deadline, though to reduce overlap/crunch.
  • Kim: asks about mentoring and bringing others up to speed quickly
  • Link to older style information and discussions:
  • Reviewing old GoogleDoc for Site Info can be helpful...
  • Perhaps we set up a screencapture/webinar a la the "QA testing" process?  A live event, recorded in case people can't attend
  • Link to Sakai 2.9 test instance for tools where that's relevant
    Elizabeth can create links to worklists for the documents
    Where are we working
    Creating Google Docs for each page + one master doc as reference & claim
    Google doc main page will also include whether we're working on the tool for 2.8/2.9 or both
    Next steps
    Alan & Becca will schedule the upcoming meetings, post minutes summary in the confluence pages, create Google page templates for doing the work. 
  • Dec. 15 -- Becca and Alan; optional meeting for others. Planning and working meeting for setup for Jan.
  • Jan 12
  • Jan 26
  • Feb 9
  • Feb 23
  • Mar 8
  • Mar 22
  • Maybe we can try the G+ Hangout for the optional meeting? (Alan+1)
    Who? -- [Follow up with Patrick about the times] -- I'll write Patrick now and cc: you. (done)
    Elizabeth will continue to work on identifying which content is being pulled from IU into Sakai, and also which content specifically references 'paste from word'

  • Sakai 2.8 = CKEditor optional
  • Sakai 2.9 = CKEditor default (enabled) 
    Investigate whether Site Info changes were pulled into 2.8 trunk and distributed
  • We made changes. Elizabeth scheduled with Stephen Marquard (sp) and those were implemented in trunk... but apparently were overwritten sometime between then and now. :(
  • I'm reaching out to Sam O. again to see if there's another update option for us.Let me know. Cool.  Will do!
  • Becca will follow up with Kim to find out if their install of 2.8.1 next week contains the new Site Info doc. 
    2-3 people should claim each tool before the next call (in Jan)
  • Will require a sign-up table - on the master google doc? (Alan +1)
    Other conversation 
  • <-- I remember hearing about some CKEditor problems in LA, but no details? (sidetrack)
  • I believe some of the issues were related to OSP
  • Many of the CLE items have been hashed out, thankfully. We're using CKEditor in prod at Pepperdine (but we don't use OSP). Our mods for CKEditor in 2.8CLE were for Modules/Melete (Longsight fixed this) and a couple other minor fixes. Nice
            Oh that's great! Yeah. We're not either.


December 1, 2011

9:31 Kim : Need to give me permissions in Collaborate :)
9:32 Kim : Hover over a little menu to the right of my name and you'll see some options I think :)
9:58 Becca: Hi Lorie, are you able to log in to the Elluminate session?
10:03 Lorie Stolarchuk: Yup, I'm in the elimunate. Lots of background noise in my office, so I'll be typing in chat as opposed to microphone
10:03 Becca: ok. Thanks for letting us know
10:07 Kim : Sounds good :)
10:07 Mathieu: or there?
10:08 Alan Regan: robin hill is on phone conf. will join us in a sec
10:09 Alan Regan: B right back -- helping robin connect
10:09 Mathieu: We like the sound of your voice, Becca!
10:10 Kim : sure
10:10 Mathieu: Twice in Jan, every two weeks... sounds about right to me +1
10:10 Lorie Stolarchuk: That sounds fine with me. For an hour at a time?
10:10 Mathieu: +1
10:10 Matt Clare: +1
10:10 Mathieu: Patrick is a slacker ;-)
10:10 Lorie Stolarchuk: That time sounds fine for me. Thurs @ 1
10:10 Mathieu: ... not in person...
10:11 Mathieu: +1 for Thusrday at 1
10:11 Matt Clare: As good and bad as any time
10:11 Kim : +1
10:11 Elizabeth Venstra: can you hear me on the call?
10:11 Lorie Stolarchuk: We're your devoted fans when we listen to you :)
10:11 Mathieu: That's how we roll
10:13 Kim : Works :)
10:13 Barb Kerns: that is fine.
10:13 Matt Clare: 11AM EST is fine too
10:13 Lorie Stolarchuk: Thursday mornings I have a standing meeting that ends around 11:15-11:30 ish
10:13 Lorie Stolarchuk: I could be tardy however :S
10:13 Matt Clare: I don't like the idea of a meeting w/out Lorie though
10:13 Lorie Stolarchuk: You rock Matt!
10:14 Lorie Stolarchuk: 11:30 would be fine. It's only my demented colleagues anyway
10:14 Mathieu: +1
10:15 Lorie Stolarchuk: yup
10:15 Alan Regan: i boosted max speakers to 6 (from 3) in elluminate
10:17 Mathieu: @Alan: I like to occupy the chat ;-)
10:17 Matt Clare: Forums has a lot of changes in trunk right now
10:18 Matt Clare: I know 'cause my group forums/topics request got worked on
10:19 Mathieu: That's in announcements, right? The reorder?
10:19 Becca: Right
10:19 Mathieu: We are planning on using Gb2...
10:22 Mathieu: Say "Roger" when you're done ;-)
10:23 Matt Clare: Messages and Forums are the same core tool
10:23 Matt Clare: "Message Centre[re]"
10:23 Alan Regan: Thanks, Matt!
10:25 Mathieu: We need to find someone in South Africa to beat some sense into Stephen... I volunteer David horwitz.
10:25 Kim : we are installing 2.8.1 this week
10:26 Matt Clare: I'll grab a demo right now
10:26 Mathieu: We run 2.8, but we didn't change the help files
10:26 Barb Kerns: we upgraded in mid August.
10:26 Barb Kerns: to 2.8
10:26 Lorie Stolarchuk: We're looking for 2.8 in the spring, so I'm not very helpful
10:26 Kim : What should I look for specifically?
10:28 Kim : yep :)
10:30 Matt Clare: Well put Everyday Joe
10:30 Kim : YES :)
10:30 Lorie Stolarchuk: I agree
10:30 Matt Clare: Anyone that knows WYSIWIG would know rich text. No need for hybrid
10:30 Lorie Stolarchuk: In my wiki, I just link to an article about WYSIWYG anyway, and I think Matt is the same.
10:31 Barb Kerns: yes
10:31 Robin Hill: Yes, I've been surprised that people do NOT recognize the term WYSIWG
10:31 Robin Hill: I'll type, not talk.
10:31 Elizabeth Venstra: we can keep the links in-same docid-but I will most likely change the name.
10:31 Elizabeth Venstra: Will check in with IU folks to make sure no objections.
10:31 Robin Hill: And "rich text" works.
10:31 Elizabeth Venstra: Then I'll do a global search-and-replace
10:35 Mathieu: indeed, we had nice conversations in there.
10:35 Elizabeth Venstra: that would be another discussion I'd need to have with IU
10:35 Kim : FOR LATER - at the end: I'm late to the game and I apologize -- but does this look right
10:35 Elizabeth Venstra: I'm less sure of the effect of changing that term . . .
10:35 Robin Hill: Is there some web reference of emerging standards for such terms?
10:36 Robin Hill: Can we conform to some globaL practice?
10:36 Kim : sorry -- didn't mean to take off task
10:36 Kim : just trying to see what's what
10:36 Elizabeth Venstra: not totally cut and dried, and not confirmed
10:36 Kim : Got it -- yes
10:36 Kim : ok -- helpful :)
10:37 Robin Hill: Yes, T&Q is Stanford. Undergoing thorough review right now.
10:37 Kim : mind node -- mac
10:37 Kim : free
10:37 Lorie Stolarchuk: thanks! (from another mac lover)
10:37 Mathieu: (freetards) LOL
10:38 Matt Clare: Sounded like Elizabeth was saying something
10:38 Lorie Stolarchuk: just looking at the menubar image from udel
10:38 Robin Hill: Let's go back to "global standards."
10:38 Elizabeth Venstra: just that the info is not reliable
10:38 Robin Hill: Maybe W3C has some terminology.
10:38 Elizabeth Venstra: for the mind map
10:38 Elizabeth Venstra: which you knew :0
10:39 Robin Hill: That's the only appropriate standards body that I can think of.
10:40 Matt Clare: Site Info Overview shipping today in Sakai-demo-2.8.0
10:41 Robin Hill: Review it how often?
10:41 Alan Regan: Matt -- can't seem to pull up that image
10:41 Lorie Stolarchuk: me too. getting an error
10:42 Mathieu: typo in the url
10:42 Mathieu:
10:42 Matt Clare: Thanks mathiew
10:42 Alan Regan: Matt -- image of the page that simply says "Site Info" above the overview page?
10:43 Robin Hill: I see-- you're talking about a one-time review for 29.
10:43 Robin Hill: I mean 2.9.
10:43 Elizabeth Venstra: yes
10:43 Elizabeth Venstra: yes, those changes may also benefit 2.8 users
10:43 Elizabeth Venstra: 2.7 is frozen
10:45 Kim : Might be a good strategy for prioritizing or for a subgroup to attack
10:46 Matt Clare: Lots of changes in the GDoc that aren't in the 2.8 Sakai help, but might be settings?
10:46 Matt Clare: Here's one that's not:
10:46 Matt Clare: I'll stay on topic now
10:47 Lorie Stolarchuk: Got an error and some critter telling us about an error matt :)
10:47 Lorie Stolarchuk: Boomer Brock it appears
10:47 Matt Clare: pardon,
10:47 Matt Clare: It's this little box
10:47 Lorie Stolarchuk: better, thanks
10:48 Alan Regan: Thx
10:48 Becca:
10:49 Becca:
10:49 Matt Clare: Oh yeah, that's what's in the 2.8 demo!
10:50 Robin Hill: In the long run, the only reliable mechanism might be to make documentation changes through the code submission and control mechanism.
10:50 Lorie Stolarchuk: dumb question perhaps, but do you guys have live updates to your help docs, or are they frozen when you deploy and you have to manually increment with patches?
10:50 Robin Hill: Which would require us to learn about it.
10:51 Robin Hill: Which may be a hideous prospect.
10:52 Lorie Stolarchuk: agreed
10:52 Matt Clare: I agree
10:52 Lorie Stolarchuk: trick would be with different versions running though??
10:53 Mathieu: Just like Confluence
10:53 Mathieu:
10:54 Matt Clare: Or the EIDA tool, and SVN
10:54 Lorie Stolarchuk: any chance we could get Jonathan too Elizabeth??
10:54 Elizabeth Venstra: yes
10:54 Elizabeth Venstra: I will drag him in. :)
10:54 Lorie Stolarchuk: like the EIDA tool Matt mentioned too.
10:54 Elizabeth Venstra: so--no new poeple, I guess.
10:55 Lorie Stolarchuk: I've unfortunately, got another meeting in a couple of minutes :(
10:55 Mathieu: I guess so
10:56 Matt Clare: @becca, but you're doing so well
10:56 Alan Regan: +1
10:56 Lorie Stolarchuk: +1
10:56 Robin Hill: +1
10:56 Lorie Stolarchuk: kinda . . .
10:56 Matt Clare: Now you're really getting the hang of this
10:57 Matt Clare: Maybe an everyone on everything approach with a 1 person bottom line?
10:58 Elizabeth Venstra: as long as at least one person does do something on each doc!
10:59 Lorie Stolarchuk: nuts, gotta go now!
10:59 Matt Clare: That's kinda' what I was thinking
10:59 Lorie Stolarchuk: sorry :( thanks
10:59 Lorie Stolarchuk: bye
10:59 Alan Regan: Thank you, Lorie!
11:00 Alan Regan: +1
11:00 Robin Hill: I personally can't commit to such right now...
11:00 Mathieu: +1
11:00 Robin Hill: But I sure appreciate all your efforts!
11:00 Kim : I'm new to the group but it makes sense :)
11:00 Alan Regan: Thx, Robin. Understood!
11:01 Alan Regan: Thx, Kim. :)
11:01 Mathieu: I have to leave, sorry folks.
11:01 Matt Clare: I think so too, but the GDoc allows for that
11:01 Kim : I think I can find someone (or two) here to help
11:02 Kim : Could we sign up for a few key tools important to our institution
11:02 Kim : ?
11:02 Kim : Then we'll see gaps...
11:02 Kim : I like that :)
11:02 Matt Clare: Sound good
11:02 Alan Regan: Thx, Mathieu!
11:03 Kim : Question... will grab mic
11:04 Matt Clare: Good question indeed.
11:04 Kim : Great :)
11:04 Matt Clare: The style document helped, skimming our work on Site Info might help too
11:05 Elizabeth Venstra: And then it's a matter of clicking through everything on the test server . . .
11:05 Elizabeth Venstra: And not overthinking it. :)
11:05 Matt Clare: cool
11:13 Matt Clare: good call
11:16 Robin Hill: Thanks, all
11:16 Kim : Thanks, all!
11:16 Matt Clare: no prob
11:16 Alan Regan: Thanks, everyone!
11:16 Elizabeth Venstra: Thank you!
11:17 Elizabeth Venstra: I had a hard time with audio, but I don't know how much of that was the tool .. . .
11:17 Robin Hill: Ciao
11:17 Becca: Thanks and bye!
11:17 Barb Kerns: thank you
11:17 Matt Clare: Thanks Kim, if you need our old one sometime we can do that too
11:17 Elizabeth Venstra: bye
11:17 Matt Clare: Bye everyone
11:17 Elizabeth Venstra: yes, thank you!
11:18 Alan Regan: Thanks, all! (Eliz, Elluminate uses Java and I believe that traffic can be trottled on some campuses... leading to audio issues.)
11:18 Alan Regan: throttled (oops!)
11:25 Alan Regan: Thanks, Barb, Matt, Kim, Lorie, Elizabeth, Mathieu, Kim, and of course BECCA!
11:25 Becca: and of course ALAN!

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